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Seasonal Purse Color Trends: What’s Hot This Year?

Are you ready to refresh your wardrobe for 2024? Nothing feels better than decluttering your old clothes and bringing fresh, new outfits that make you feel on-trend. The question is, what handbags are hot this year?

If you’re about to begin your search for a brand-new handbag (or two), stop for just one moment. Before you fall in love with an out-of-style bag, find out which colors will be the hottest this year. Here are the 2024 handbag trends you should know about!  

Soft Yellow

In the past, bright, sunshine-mimicking yellows have been on trend. That will change slightly this year – many people will be adorning soft yellow bags this summer. These delicate hues will look beautiful with light summer dresses!

A Judith Leiber Pick: Crescent Lemon

If you’re looking for a unique yellow bag for the summertime, you will love this Crescent Lemon purse by Judith Leiber. It uses a mixture of shades of yellow crystal, and whites to create a real lemon appearance, complete with teardrop-shaped crystals for seeds! It also comes with a dazzling gold chain for a luxurious finish. It looks good enough to put in your cocktail!


In 2024, expect to see a lot of maroon by fashion-forward people’s sides. This deep red color will make an entrance throughout the spring but will become even more popular in the fall when the autumnal leaves match the dark red hues. Pair a maroon handbag with a black dress, and you’ll look incredibly sophisticated, or explore our Perfect Match collection to pair with your maroon dress. 

Pure White

With the winter almost behind you, it’s time to look towards the bright, sunny future. In summer 2024, pure white bags will be a popular color choice, especially white bags that look like pearls. These clean accessories add to the quiet luxury trend that became increasingly popular in 2023 and will only grow in popularity through 2024 and beyond.

A Judith Leiber Pick: Slim Slide Pearl Lace Silver

To keep up with bag trends, try the Judith Leiber Slim Slide Pearl Lace Silver clutch. This bag combines white and silver and has beautiful pearl and crystal detailing on the front. The result is a sparkling, beautiful clutch bag for any spring or summer party this year.

Olive Green

In 2024, you’ll see the rise of olive green accessories. Green has been a particularly trendy color in recent years, and olive green will take the spotlight this year. This natural hue compliments other earthy colors, such as browns, and will look particularly beautiful in the fall.

Light Blue

As spring and summer roll around, pastel shades become more and more prevalent – especially light blue. A light sapphire is a gorgeously soft, cool shade that lends itself perfectly to sophisticated and delicate handbags. You’ll be able to pair your light blue purse with a range of outfits, including bright pink for a bold and exciting look!

A Judith Leiber Pick: Heart Clutch Blue

If you want to embrace your feminine side, try the Heart Clutch Blue by Judith Leiber. This crystal-adorned clutch comes in a beautiful “I do” blue shade and is the shape of a perfect heart. It could even be your “something blue” when you walk down the aisle – perfect for a spring summer wedding!

Navy Blue

While light blue may be slightly more popular during spring and summer, you’ll also see a lot of navy blue handbags during the later months of 2024. This dark, sophisticated color matches plenty of outfits, making it a worthwhile investment. You’ll be able to wear it again and again.

A Judith Leiber Pick: Satin Bow Top Handle Navy

If you want an adorably unique navy handbag, try the Satin Bow Top Handle in Navy by Judith Leiber. This top handle bag is made in soft satin, giving it a smooth, dark blue appearance. The standout piece is the crystal-adorned bow on the front, which ties the whole bag together. It’s very cute!

Neutral Gray

Does gray ever really go out of fashion? Maybe not, but it certainly is more popular in certain years, and 2024 is one of them. This year, people will be wearing neutral greys, with grey bags being a very popular choice. A gray shoulder bag or tote bag will contribute to a particularly chic look! You’ll often find the gray bag accompanying people to the office or work events, but you will also see it on runways and at parties.

A Judith Leiber Pick: Classic Slim Slide Gray

You might steer away from the gray shade if you’re scared of a dull handbag. The good news is that you don’t have to – not when you choose Judith Leiber’s Classic Slim Slide Gray purse! This gorgeous purse boasts a classic clutch design and is entirely gray. Making it stand out from the crowd, the purse is also covered from top to bottom in sparkling crystals, making it perfect for a party.

What About Handbag Styles?

When staying on trend, it’s not just colors you should focus on – it’s styles and designs, too. This year, these are the types of bags you are likely to see:

  • Woven Bags
  • Oversized Totes
  • Bucket Bags
  • Snakeskin Printed Bags
  • Clutches
  • Furry Purses
  • Micro Bags
  • The Fringe Design

A Wave of Soft, Natural Hues in 2024

Now, you have a better idea of all handbag trends coming your way in 2024. There is a definite theme here: there’s a wave of soft and natural colors giving off a peaceful vibe, with earthy shades like olive green making a big hit. If you want to stay on trend while still enjoying unique handbags that stand out, shop with Judith Leiber!

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