Designer Collaboration: Judith Leiber Handbags and Clutches Now Stocked in Maison Élan

Iconic American designer Judith Leiber Couture is proud to announce its collaboration with the exclusive fashion boutique, Maison Élan. The flagship store opened its doors in May 2018, unveiling a world akin to Alice’s Wonderland with a trove of kitsch treasures, artistic installations, and glittering designer fashion pieces. Judith Leiber is, of course, the latter – designed for a niche audience of collectors and consumers around the world.

Novelty pieces abound

Despite its designer credentials, Judith Leiber collection does not shy away from whimsy. Novelty pieces in the brand’s current collection include the Rainbow French Fries handbag, a dazzling petal pink container adorned with a magical rainbow, made using handset crystals, favored by Kim Kardashian; glittering Judith Leiber clutch bags in the shape of skulls, swans and 1950s cameras, and the crystal-covered Judith Leiber handbags that take the form of a popsicle and a boombox.

Simple, elegant designs include the Ritz Fizz Clutch and Soho Satin clutches, complete with closures trimmed with handset crystals.

A match made in heaven?

Maison Élan – based in the affluent seaside municipality in Karachi, Pakistan – stocks designer couture, designer handbags, razzle-dazzle accessories, and an array of sparkling jewels. Among the lines of designer clothing and accessories, Leiber‘s most coveted collection has found a perfect home within Élan glittering, luxurious interior.

Judith Leiber handbags and clutches

Judith Leiber's elegant handbags and clutches cater to a niche audience of fashion enthusiasts and collectors, offering a dazzling combination of color and bling. The recent collection includes the stunning Judith Purse and the much-coveted Judith Bag. Couture aficionados can also find a glittering array of Judith Leiber evening bags and Judith Leiber clutch bags for sale in Élan’s store.

These designs are not to be taken lightly: the Judith Leiber clutch price is indicative of the care and precision that goes into each design, as you can see from the unique quality of each piece. Every handbag and accessory is designed and handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail.

What’s more, Judith Leiber purses have been spotted on the arms of every First Lady of the United States dating back to 1953. The bags are also displayed in iconic institutions around the world, such as The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Smithsonian Institute in Washington, and the Los Angeles Museum of Art, along with stunning Judith Leiber Jewelry and other historical fashion pieces.

Maison Élan and Judith Leiber: What's Next?

Maison Élan is the perfect match for Judith Leiber because it embodies all the features that the designer label symbolizes: luxury, flawless craftsmanship and style. The store prides itself on providing a luxury shopping experience and a superior product offering, which goes hand-in-hand with Judith Leiber’s designer offering. In the store, you will find the much-coveted Judith Leiber Rose Clutch, the glittering Judith Leiber Crystal Clutch, and an array of unique handbags, purses, and accessories.

The collaboration looks to have a promising future for both brands, with perhaps more international ventures for Maison Élan in the years ahead. To find out more about Judith Leiber's appearance in Maison Élan, visit

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