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Fall/Winter 2019 – 2020 Color Trends for Accessories

Fall has arrived and winter is approaching, but it is never too late to update your wardrobe and your accessories for the season. Armed with the top trends, you’ll be ready to take to the streets as if they were your very own runway.

From the top color trends to the accessories that will help you stand out, here is the complete update for the fall/winter 2019-2020 season:

Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Top Color Trends

As with every year, the shades that dominate the catwalks are varied and numerous. They take on new interpretations of fall style classics and revamp them for the modern era. Our favorite color trends here at Judith Leiber Couture can be worn or incorporated into beautiful, unique accessories.

Top Shades for 2019-2020

There are two main subsets of color trends from this year: trending colors, and trending materials. The trending colors that dominated the runways and were worn elegantly by the biggest designer names took on new interpretations of fall classics. 


Merlot is an excellent grape and a truly dazzling shade, perfect for invoking warmth and elegance during the fall and winter seasons. Our favorite Merlot-friendly accessories here at Judith Leiberthat will bring a hint of richness to your outfit, day or night, are our evocative red clutches:

Créme de Pêche

 Light pink is the perfect companion to any of the trending brown shades this season, and Créme de Pêche is certainly one of the lightest, creamiest options available. With a hint of peach, this soft, light pink can be worn either on its own or with darker neutrals as an eye-popping accessory like the famous Judith Leiber rose clutch or these other stunning items from the Judith Leiber collection:


Add a gray tinged blueJudith Leiber clutch to any of the fall/winter 2019-2020 trends, and you will be the queen of the season. Bluestone is a rich, royal color that can be worn throughout the day, or be found in these staple Judith Leiber evening bags:

Forest Biome

Forest Biome is green’s navy. It is dark, mysterious, and the perfect neutral to wear or to accessorize with. The Judith pure emerald collection is the perfect companion and a great shade that mimics the effect of forest biome. Wear with similar, warmer colors for a vintage feel and timeless effect. The ideal Judith Leiber clutches for this shade include:

 Vanilla Custard

This winning neutral shade is airy, light, and creamy, and works wonderfully either as an accessory, outfit, or complete tonal look that will have you looking striking and keeping warm during the fall and winter seasons. Pair our Champagne Judith Leiber handbags collection with warm neutrals, or stand out with a monochrome cream look for the best results. 

Top Materials for 2019-2020

Colors were not the only trend that dominated the runways. Old favorites and classic elements made a much welcome return.


Gold is a classic that suits accessories all year round, but during the colder seasons, it offers an extraordinary warmth that cannot be beaten. Keep things minimal and elegant with a standout Judith purse that highlights rather than distracts to nail the gold trend we saw on the runways. 


Many top designers brought glitter and glam to the runway in the form of jewelry and accessories. Dazzle on your own with a Judith Leiber crystal clutch or pillbox from the Novelty and Crystal ranges, and you’ll add Old Hollywood glam to your style.


Judith Leiber clutch bags have long been made out of the exotic and luxurious material crocodile, and this season they are back to being all the rage as several top designers brought the material back onto the runway. Explore the Exotic range of Judith Leiber purses, and take away a trending shade in this staple material.

Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Top Accessory Trends 

Stay at the forefront of fashion by combining the top color trends of the season with the top accessory trends that will make sure you look fierce, elegant, and incredibly stylish this season.

Ear Amour, Ear Armor

For a fierce look, take note and invest in ear armor. This look brings earrings up over the helix for a striking effect that works best with updos and low necklines. This will bring the attention up along the neck to the dazzling display that is your Wing Climber Earrings or Phoenix Climber Earrings from the Judith Leiber jewelry collection.

Striking Chokers

Striking chockers made of thick gold or square gems were featured by Alexander McQueen, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, and many more. Here at Judith Leiber, we offer the Base Necklace perfect for layering, and of course provide the ideal standout choker from our Gem Collet Necklace Collection.

The Double Bag

The double bag trend was a real hit and a great way to accessorize your accessories. Add a staple clutch from our collection to compliment larger purses or weekend bags for a day to night look that allows you to dazzle and bring along your necessities. It is the perfect way to add function and make the most of your Judith Leiber clutch, as adding on-trend novelty purses to more minimal bags is an endearing combination.

Forecast for Fall/Winter 2020/2021

Staying one step ahead of trends is the best way to be a trendsetter. Predictions for the fall/winter 2020-2021 season are a return to nature, and for the concept of the nest to take center stage. During this season, we expect modern tones to be applied over organic materials found in nature, with an emphasis on comfort and minimalism.

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