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Hobby-Inspired Bags to Showcase Your Talent

Your style and sense of fashion are entirely personal to you. You can use it to reflect so many different facets of your personality and character, and best of all, you can have lots of fun with it. One way to showcase your interests through your fashion choices is by carrying a bag that reflects your favorite hobby, even if it is a more casual interest.

A hobby can be your outlet, your passion, and your escape. It is what you turn to when you want to truly enjoy yourself and maybe even step away from the stress of your daily life. Whether your hobby is artistic or athletic, or perhaps even a combination of the two, chances are you have invested a fair amount of time into developing your skills and talent. Why not treat yourself to a fashion accessory that shows off the hobby that you love in a stylish and fun way?

There is an entire collection of Judith Leiber purses that have been designed with your hobbies in mind. No matter what your personal preference may be, there is sure to be a Judith Leiber clutch or bag to perfectly showcase your talent.

For the Athlete

The stereotype of an athlete who doesn’t love fashion and style as much as they love their sport has been debunked. Even if you aren’t an athlete yourself but have a passion for a specific sport, there is a Judith purse designed with the game of your choice in mind that is equal parts stylish and sporty.

Can’t get enough of America’s favorite pastime? The baseball sphere clutch is perfect for anyone who dreams of summer days spent at the ballpark cheering on their home team while sporting some serious sparkle. The red crystal lacing on this Judith Leiber Couture clutch is an absolute home run. 

Is tennis more your speed? Anyone who loves to hit the court won’t want to pass on this tennis ball sphere clutch. Bedazzled in yellow and white crystals and accented with silver-toned metallic hardware, you can easily showcase your love of the game with this Judith purse.

For the Chef

If the kitchen is the setting for your creative outlet, don’t be fooled into thinking that your only choice for a cooking-themed fashion statement is an apron. There is a Leiber bag that is perfectly designed to show off your culinary expertise. Whether you are a professional cook who has dedicated your life to achieving culinary excellence, or if the time you spend in the kitchen is your go-to pastime to experiment and entertain friends and family, you are sure to find a Judith Lieber purse to reflect your interest.

Those who specialize in sweet treats won’t be able to resist the strawberry cupcake crystal clutch. The combination of pink and champagne-colored crystals makes for a treat that is hard to beat. Perhaps you might prefer a perfect pastry in the form of a confetti-adorned donut clutch. No matter your preference, indulge your sweet tooth with a sparkling Judith Leiber couture handbag.

Cooks who prefer to dapple in the savory side of the culinary world won’t want to pass up an opportunity to indulge in either the hamburger, pizza, or hot dog bags. You might not be able to bring yourself to choose between the three! 

Even those who prefer merely enjoying different types of food as opposed to crafting it can find a Judith Leiber clutch designed for them. The fully beaded and expertly detailed Chinese food take out box bag is perfect for anyone who would instead order food than prepare it.

For the Creative Professional 

Some artists are lucky enough to be able to make a career out of their passion, while others find their escape from daily life by getting lost in art as a hobby. No matter your specific situation, you can show your love of art to the world via any number of perfect Judith Leiber clutch bags. 

If you are a photographer, you probably don’t typically go anywhere without your camera bag. When you need to step out without it, though, you don’t have to leave your love of photography at home with it. The beautifully detailed camera clutch is the Judith Leiber vintage clutch to add just enough flash to your look.

Florists have their pick of several different blooms, such as the red rose or pink peony, while a glittering lipstick clutch is a must-have for any makeup artist.

For the Music Lover

Music is one of the universal hobbies around. Whether you are a musician, and dancer, or a singer, or even if you just simply have a passion for a specific genre of music, there are many Leiber purses and accessories to choose from to show off that passion. 

The retro, 90’s inspired boombox handbag is sure to make a statement. You can even go crazy with color if you are so inclined by opting for the bold boombox Brooklyn Mookie handbag. You can also add a bit of flair to any of your bags with the mixtape charm from the collection of Judith Leiber accessories.

For the Movie Lover

Going to the theater or enjoying a film at home might be an excellent pastime for most people, but others have a real passion for cinema. If you are a true lover of cinematography, you can show this off with the dazzling popcorn clutch bag in either a classic or bright and colorful look.

You can also make it personal with a Judith purse that has your name on it. Channel old Hollywood with the slim slide clapper clutch that isn’t only bedazzled with an array of black and white crystals, but also your name.


Do you aspire to grace the silver screen yourself one day? It isn’t too early to see your name in lights if that is your dream. Put your name up in lights with the marquee inspired clutch that is another excellent example of vintage Judith Leiber handbags.

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