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13 Accessories for Valentine’s Day Dates

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time of year, where you can spoil your loved one and feel warm and fuzzy inside. It is flowers and hearts galore, and knowing how best to dress for your Valentine’s Day date can be an exhilarating experience. You want to stand out and have your date’s eyes on you – and only you. How can you achieve this, though?

Dazzle and gleam this Valentine’s Day by pairing your Valentine’s outfit with one of our Judith Leiber handbags or elegant pieces of refined jewelry, which are suited for such glamorous occasions.

1.   Hot Lips

Beckon your date over with the Hot Lips clutch and steal a kiss. These sparkling lips are not only gloriously daring, but they can easily match your Valentine’s red lipstick. Pick between hot red or subtle pink and pair with a little black dress for an outfit that’ll own any room you enter.

Kylie Jenner has recently been spotted carrying the Hot Lips clutch, matching the bright red with an equally bold red outfit. One thing is for sure, this is a statement look if we ever saw one!

2.   Beckoning Cat Lucky Cat

Be lucky in love with the Beckoning Cat Lucky Cat Judith Leiber clutch this Valentine’s Day. With its cute detailing and pink ears and nose, this sweet clutch is endearing and charming. The Japanese-inspired feline will sparkle regardless of where you are spending your date, be it at a fancy restaurant, drinks at a bar, or an elegant picnic.

3.   Heart Clutch Red

Wear your heart on your sleeve with the Heart Clutch Red, a Judith purse that’s beautifully inspired by a box of chocolates. Studded in crystals that’ll make passersby swoon, this Judith clutch will make your date fall head over heels in love with your outfit, be it a little black dress, a down-to-earth co-ord or jeans, and a t-shirt.

4.   Heart Clutch Pink

Is pink your color? If so, the Heart Clutch Pink is the perfect partner for you this Valentine’s Day date. Laced in ballet pink crystals, this heart-shaped purse is sweet and cute – the embodiment of girlish charm. Based on a box of chocolates, this clutch is perfect for expensive dates or one that is more laidback.

5.   Emoji Blowing a Kiss Stud Earrings

Adorn your ears with the Emoji Blowing a Kiss Stud Earrings and pin your hair back behind your ears so that they are on full display. Your date won’t be able to keep their eyes off them (and you!), and as the date comes to a close, be sure to mimic these accessories by blowing them a kiss, too. They won’t be able to forget about your playful charm.

6.   Crocodile Fuchsia Clutch

Heading out for a lavish date that calls for something sophisticated but still daring? The Crocodile Fuchsia Clutch is classic in design, with its rectangle shape and semi-precious closure; however, its bold crocodile pattern and brash pinky color creates a one-of-a-kind look. Adding such texture to your outfit can turn an ordinary outfit into one that is unforgettable.

7.   Rose American Beauty

Is there anything more elegant than a rose on Valentine’s Day? We think not. The Rose American Beauty’s lavish red detailing and classical rose design is both eccentric but also conventional. Roses surely are red with this Judith Leiber clutch.

8.   Cube Dice Feeling Lucky

Tease your date by holding the Cube Dice Feeling Lucky. With this beautifully designed Judith Leiber Couture handbag, you’ll have all the luck on your side as your date thinks of themselves as the luckiest person to have ever met you. This Judith Leiber clutch is effortlessly cool and ideal for a daytime date with your loved one.

9.   Pink and Red Triple Gem Earrings

Who says your ears have to miss out on Valentine’s Day? The Pink and Red Triple Gem Earrings are perfect for your date, with its gold, pink and red coloring that’ll twinkle and shine under the mood lighting of any venue. Tuck your hair behind your ears and show the world what they’re missing and entice your date with its elegant charm.

10.        Emoji Ring Blowing Kiss

Don’t forget to dress your fingers this Valentine’s Day, and keep with the theme of love with the Emoji Ring Blowing Kiss that is beautifully encrusted with multicolor cubic zirconia stones. This piece of Judith Leiber jewelry is cheeky and sweet, adding a whimsical charm to your outfit. Such jewelry is ideal for a low-key and more casual date.

11.        Crimson Gen Collet Necklace

Wearing a strapless dress or top and want to add something a little special around your neck? Our Crimson Gem Collet Necklaceand its bold red color will add class to your outfit. You can wear our emerald-shaped choker with most outfit options, and what’s more, it’ll fit in with any date you may be going on. Even if you are heading to the beach for your date, this choker works well with a bikini and will make you stand out.

12.        Envelope Fuchsia Crystal Clutch

Heading on a sophisticated date, like a night out on Broadway or cocktails? This timeless Judith Leiber handbag is perfect for any occasion but will dazzle in a formal setting. The Envelope Fuchsia Crystal Clutch is sleek in shape and design, with its crystal-encrusted exterior being sure to turn heads. Either have it graciously hanging from your shoulder or placed in your hand by removing the shoulder chain.

13.        Quinn Satin Clutch Red

The Quinn Satin Clutch Red is a versatile member of the Judith Leiber Couture line, ideal for dressy dates you want to impress on. The crimson satin exterior is soft and easy on the eyes, but don’t fear; it’s bold enough to make a statement. Wear off the shoulder or hold in your hand – it’s up to you!

Make your date’s heart flutter this Valentine’s Day with a Judith Leiber Couture accessory. Whatever the occasion, there is a clutch or piece of jewelry perfect for you. Of course, if you want to make the night extra special, you could personalize a clutch with your name and the name of your partner. What’s more romantic than that?

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