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10 Bags to Add to Your Collection in the New Year

Accessorizing with the right bag is icing to your beautifully decorated outfit. Without the right bag your look just isn’t complete, never mind the issue of where to put your phone, lipstick, keys, wallet, and all those other little essentials you need to carry around with you on a night out much less on a day to day basis.

From timeless classics you should always keep in your closet to the trending bags and colors of 2020, here are the best Judith Leiber evening bags and day clutches to add to your wardrobe.

Top 2020 Bag Trends You Need in Your Closet

Every year a new round of bags, purses, and clutches hits the runway. We fall in love with what each of those statement pieces adds to the outfit, what it says about your style and what it can convey about you. For as unique and fascinating as these designs are, very rarely are they something completely new.

You could invest in quality pieces from the Judith Leiber collection and always have an “It” bag no matter the season. History is circular in fashion, and finding your own true statement from our range of 2020 bag trends is a must.

Retro Throwback

Multiple designers sent their models out on the runway this year with retro throwbacks. In some cases, quite literally. Take up the trend and enjoy the fun addition of the Mix Tape Judith Leiber crystal clutch range like the Slim Slide Bespoke Rainbow mix for a fun throwback that works with daytime outfits as well as it does eveningwear. 

Glamorous Micro Bags

Micro bags are in, and they are as fun as they are beautiful. With so many micro bags and pillboxes to choose from, you are already spoiled for choice. Go big with a Star Shooting Star, have fun with the Sports Car Pillbox, traditional with the Micro Fizzy Champagne Crystal Clutch, bring Prince Charming or Butterfly Mila with you, or take your own route. Micro bags allow for fun and creativity, though you’ll need another location for your new phone. 

Sparkles for Days

Glitz and glam are always in, and with so many incredible Judith Leiber purses in the crystal collection, you are sure to find that perfect piece that will tie together every outfit. Try the classic Judith Leiber rose clutch, or if you are looking for something more timeless look out for the beautiful crystal envelop clutches that will help you reinvent for a marvelous future. 

Pastel Tones

Pastel, almost iridescent tones are back. Featuring that enviable mother-of-pearl look, you’ll want to find that perfect Judith Leiber clutch with a multi-colored and changing hue to its crystals to really stand out and make a statement.

Art Deco Themes

Art Deco is one of the most popular themes here at Judith Leiber, and it’s a timeless statement piece you can wear day or night. From fun novelty Judith Leiber handbags like the Seamless Heriz or the Fizzoni Art Deco to the Swanson Gaia and the Seamless Scallops, you can find different ways to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

Fun Novelty

Novelty is always on trend because it is just so different than anything else. By investing in the trending pieces from the Judith Leiber clutch bags collection, you will look so extravagant and fun all at once. Rock with a Pizza Pepperoni or a Slim Slide Vegas Vicky. Opt for crystal roses or pumpkins. Our crystal collection has everything so you can find that perfect piece to show off your winning personality. 

Classics Styles for Timeless Touches

Trending styles and features for 2020 are fun to add to any wardrobe, but they aren’t the only purses you should look to investing in this year. Timelessness is always a must. Opt for classic styles and designs to enjoy that old faithful beauty you can pick up and complete an outfit in a snap. Judith Leiber couture carries purses to help you stand out in elegance and in novelty, so you are sure to find the perfect piece to complete your wardrobe.

The Classic Envelope Clutch

The classic envelope clutch is a must if you want timeless elegance. It is sleek, beautiful, and can hold a decent amount of items. It is precisely what you need to add some dazzling elements to a monochrome work look or to a stunning evening gown. Choose yours in a neutral color, like the Envelope Navy Crystal Clutch, and you will have a go-to staple you can rely on to add a touch of wow to any outfit you wear.

The Crocodile Clutch

Move away from crystal if you wish for other elements of your outfit to stand out, like the Judith Leiber jewelry. The superior design and quality of your clutch will be instantly recognizable, but the paired back design and pattern will work to tie your outfit together while bringing attention to your neck and ears.

Quinn Satin Series

Another collection of classic designs in your shade is the Quinn Satin Series. Beautiful, timeless, and able to hold your items on a night out, these stunning clutches are the epitome of classic and will work to complete any outfit. Their satin design catches the light, and the rich, deep colors a great way to add contrast to a light-colored outfit or to ground a maximalist dress.

The Clutch Classic

The Soho Satin Clutch series is the quintessential clutch, and perfect to finish off an outfit without being loud, but instead coming to a gentle conclusion. It is elegant, beautiful, and will suit any outfit, from classic to extravagant.

The perfect Judith purse will complete your outfit and add a touch of practicality without dragging you down. Elevated, sophisticated, and eye-catching – that is what you need your accessories to be, but remember to stay true to your style so that you can create an incredible personal brand people will recognize with just one look. An outfit isn’t complete without that perfect purse, so choose wisely and invest well into your future and your narrative.

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