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How To Style Pillboxes

Whether you need to carry medication or want a stylish pillbox for your vitamins, there is a fabulous selection of accessories to style with any outfit. You no longer have to carry an orange prescription bottle in your handbag. This fashionable couture accessory is now a must-have for your collection.


The Judith Leiber collection of pillboxes has something for everyone, including spectacular gemstone emblazoned styles and cute gummy bear designs. You can also match these dazzling accessories with Judith Leiber evening bags or Judith Leiber purses for the ultimate couture pairing.

Dress it down for daywear 

Pillboxes are small and discreet, yet with a Judith purse, you can make a statement with your casual looks. Handbags and clutch purses are the perfect accessories for chic daywear, including denim and light linen. For the summer months, jeweled pillboxes, such as the Macaron Pillbox Vanilla, can add an element of interest to muted tones and simple styling. In contrast, a Judith Leiber Slide Lock Red Clutch adds a striking addition to understated outfits. Plus, it enhances subtle color palettes with glittering effect.

Accessorize your workwear 

If your work attire if feeling a little drab, accessorizing your look with a Judith Leiber clutch is the perfect option. Workwear can often feature heavy hues such as black, grey, and navy, and while pairing these colors with classic handbags offers a sleek look. As an alternative, you can choose to have some fun with novelty styling – the Rainbow Rainbow clutch will definitely brighten up your working day.

Accessorizing your workday looks with a jeweled pillbox or clutch bag is the ultimate statement piece. This style of bag brings added pizazz to your look. Plus, it provides a practical solution to carrying essential items that you need every day. Clutches and pillboxes are unassuming and subtle compared to larger handbags. They create an air of intrigue that offers a glimpse into your personal style and personality outside of the work environment.

Glam it up with evening attire

It’s no surprise that the selection of Judith Leiber clutch bags is the ultimate accessory to match with striking eveningwear and occasion outfits. The prestige and allure of these couture pieces create a wow factor and complements a range of dress styles from sassy cocktail numbers to magical ballgowns. If you’re looking for the ultimate eye-catching piece, opt for a novelty pillbox like the Dice Pill Box Silver to add some humor to a sleek yet sophisticated outfit.

Add a pop of color

Nothing speaks volumes more than adding a pop of color to your outfit. The selection of Judith Leiber couture pillboxes is the perfect way to do this, as there are so many vibrant and dazzling designs to choose from. The Gummy Bear Pillbox Red stands out, offering a fun design with a shimmering effect, while the Donut Pillbox Sprinkles offers a good enough to eat style sporting all the colors of the rainbow.

Color is a great way to inject personality into your style and can offer a way to introduce a focal point into muted palettes.

There is a range of styles to choose from, including vibrant reds, oranges, and pinks. The selection of neutral shades, including gold, silver, and rose, also creates a shimmering and subtle addition of color to your overall style.

Match with monochrome looks 

Most colors pair beautifully with monochrome looks. If this is your signature style, then Judith Leiber handbags have a fabulous choice of iridescent accessories to complement your look. Black and white palettes create a myriad of styling options, including adding chic tones of gold and silver to create a sophisticated and striking look.

Monochrome outfits also look perfect with a hint of vibrancy. This palette works amazingly with hot pink, ruby red, sunshine yellow, and tropical oranges hues. Plus, each adds a different vibe to your overall look, whether you’re styling partywear or a brunch date with friends.

Add sparkle to your outfit.

Nothing says subtle glamour like the Judith Leiber crystal clutch collection. Adding a sprinkling of glitz to your outfit is the best way to create intrigue. You’ll undoubtedly turn heads with the Fizzy Fuchsia Crystal Clutch and even more so when you team it with other beautiful Judith Leiber jewelry pieces. Why not opt for the Pink and Red Triple Gem Earrings and the JL Delicate 14k Gold Vermeil 18 Inch Chain? With these smaller accessories, they complement your outfit rather than overwhelm it, and offer the ultimate couture piece to add to your collection.

Get creative with your accessories 

Accessories shouldn’t be boring, and they should always elevate your personal styling. You can get creative in many ways with all types of accessories, and transform everyday outfits into statement looks. The selection of pillboxes offers an exciting addition to your accessories collection. There are many designs to choose from, including the Bow Pillbox Light Rose, Coin Purse Pillbox Fullbead, and of course, the novelty styles, such as Cupcake Pillbox Strawberry, plus many other cute options. These subtle yet striking must-haves give you a creative edge compared to traditional medical pillboxes and complement classic handbags and clutch purses.

Wedding outfit accessories 

If you’re looking forward to the wedding season, you’ll need the perfect accessory to complement your outfit. Jeweled pillboxes are the ideal option for a number of looks and can enhance both day dresses and evening wear attire. They’re easy to carry around, so looking after your belongings doesn’t get in the way of having fun on this special occasion. 

Create a focal feature with your Judith Leiber accessory 

Accessories can make or break an outfit, that’s why Judith Leiber has designed a spectacular couture collection to elevate any look. Pieces stand the test of time and also offer a striking focal feature to any style. With the pillbox design, you can create a dazzling addition to your outfit without overwhelming the whole look. These designs are created to give you the chance to express your personality through fashion.

Alongside pillboxes, there is also a selection of classic accessories, including clutch purses, jewelry, and charms. You can also make your focal piece totally unique with personalized options for the ultimate showstopper.

Pillboxes are a practical addition to your accessory collection. Plus, they are beautifully stylish too. Adding a Judith Leiber couture pillbox to your outfit is the ultimate way to take your style to the next level and create a signature look that is sure to turn heads. Match this cute addition with a clutch and jeweled accessories to elevate your look further.

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