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What Bag to Gift the Friend Who Has Everything?

We all have them. That one friend who seems to have absolutely everything, and so when their birthday, Christmas, or a special occasion comes around that requires you to find them that perfect gift, in all honesty, it can be a difficult task. However, it is one that you must overcome. After all, a gift is about showing just how much this person means to you. Just because they have everything doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a gift that was bought with love from their friend. So how do you overcome this, and what do you get for the friend who has everything?

The solution lies in the form of a bag. This is because a bag can be so much more than just a bag – it can be a work of art! Plus, there is never such a thing as too many handbags. So help your friend start their collection today by taking some inspiration from some of the best bags from the Judith Leiber Couture that are ideally suited for both day time and night time outings. It will be the perfect gift even for that friend who has everything.

Gift Them with Something as Unique as Them

Your friend may seem to have everything, but do they have their name in lights on a bag? With the Slim Slide Name in Lights, your friend could parade around with a stylish Judith Leiber crystal clutch that boasts their name or initials, and feel like one of a kind. The unique quality of customized bags will ensure that even though they seem to have everything, they will never have anything quite like this, which makes this an extra special gift. Best of all, you can find a Judith Leiber bag that fits their personality too!

For that friend that loves all things film: If your friend is dreaming of a future in Hollywood, let them become the star every time they take out their Slim Slider Clapper bag. The design that takes the form of a traditional Hollywood clapperboard will allow their name to sit next to the word star and offers something that very few people can say they own.

For that friend that loves music: Take your friend back in time with this customizable bespoke clutch that resembles a traditional cassette. The Slim Slide Bespoke Party Mix Leiber bag offers great attention to detail by using crystals to showcase the traditional 1980s cassette tape that seems but a distant memory. Your friend’s name can complete the entire look of the dazzling colors of red, white, and champagne that are sitting atop a black clutch.

For that friend that dreams of living in NYC: Maybe your friend has dreams of moving to the big apple one day. Until that happens, why not give them a bag that can help them feel closer to the city by gifting them with the License Plate Monogram that can be personalized?

Help Them Find Their Quirky Personality

Giving somebody a gift from the Judith Leiber collection offers a dual purpose. You can provide them with a statement clutch that few others own that makes them a style icon, but you can also help them find their quirky personality. Help them embrace their more daring and fun side with the novelty bags offered by Judith Leiber.

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

You could gift them with an actual diamond, but for a friend that has everything, you should go for a slightly different approach in the form of the Diamond Flawless clutch. The crystal-covered bag is styled as a huge diamond, and will provide your friend with the perfect opportunity to stand out in the spotlight the next time they venture out! Bigger in size than most of Judith Leiber bags, your friend will be able to fit all their essentials in no problem. They would even be able to fit in one of the Judith Leiber purses, such as the Coin Purse Pillbox Dollars, which can be a gift idea ready and waiting for them in the future.

Who Said Food Just Had to be Eaten?

If your friend is a bit of a foodie, rather than gift them with food, the novelty bags inspired by food could be the ultimate way to show your friend just how much you know them!

For the Friend That Loves a Drink: If your friend loves to go for a cocktail or two in the evenings, then our drink inspired bags are ideal. For the best of the best, why not choose the Martini? Specifically made to order, you will be sure that this is a gift that even a friend who has everything will covet!

For the Friend That Loves Desserts: For the friend that has everything and a sweet tooth, choosing one of the Judith Leibernovelty bags that takes the form of desserts is the ideal solution. Opt for the Donut Vanilla Sprinkles or go all out with the Ice Cream Sundae Sprinkles complete with a cherry on top and bring a bit of fun to your gift this year!

For the Friend That Loves Junk Food: If your friend can’t get enough of fries, pizza, and burgers, then provide them with the perfect bag to complete their love of this food, such as the Hamburger in the Judith Leiber collection.

Embrace Vintage Style with a bag from the Classic Collection

Of course, you could always play it safe with one of the classic bags. Your friend might not be a fan of novelty items and prefer a more classic style. Fortunately, there are plenty of purses that will ensure that friend gets a unique gift, even when they already have everything.

Help them Stand out with the Jazz Age Bag  

Gift your friend with an Italian vintage-inspired bag that offers class and elegance. The Jazz Age Judith Leiber bag boasts a simple design making use of oversized crystals on the front and a marble pattern base in a champagne pigment. It will add a certain element of class to any event.

Sparkle from all angles with the Ritz Fizz Silver Clutch

If you want your friend to sparkle throughout the night, and do so through a classic look rather than novelty, then the Ritz Fizz Silver Clutch will let your friend become the center of attention timelessly and elegantly.

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