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JLC 60th Anniversary Egg Collection

Judith Leiber is an iconic name in the world of fashion, and her handbags have been adored for decades, which is why, for Judith Leiber Couture’s amazing 60th Anniversary, we’re offering something very special indeed. 

In celebration of Judith Leiber’s 60th anniversary, we are unvaulting “The Egg,” one of the brand’s most iconic styles. Previous renditions are in permanent collections of the world’s most prominent museums and private collections, from leading ladies to tastemakers and fashion insiders. We are offering seven styles, one limited edition style representing each decade of the brand’s history. These seven patterns will be limited editions. 

Anniversary Celebration Egg (Effervescent)

This piece is inspired by the ethos of the 2020s with large, chunky crystals made in an ombre effect. This handbag is a contemporary take on the classic silhouette.  

Anniversary Celebration Egg (Empire)

Honoring the decade of puffy sleeves and acid-washed jeans, this silver and gold crystal filigree egg with a pearl detail and gold leaf pattern represents the classic beauty of the 1980s. Complete with a silk tassel, this crystal handbag is an opulent showstopper. 

Anniversary Celebration Egg (Filigree Rococo)

Known for its “pivot of change,” the 1970s were a celebration of life and love. This egg handbag with a crystal floral rococo pattern is filled with color, and an indulgent gold three-dimensional ornament adds a lavish element reminiscent of a vintage picture frame. 

Anniversary Celebration Egg (Mosaic)

Going back to the beginning. The decade of Mrs. Leiber’s fabulous creations, this 1960s pattern is a beautiful rendition of vintage Judith Leiber designs. Featuring small pearls decorating this minaudiere, it evokes the refined beauty of the decade.

Anniversary Celebration Egg (Princess)

The 2010s represent a time of new beginnings and prosperity. This incredible piece with a jet-black ground combines with large crystals and pearl beading to create a decadent design. With exquisite three-dimensional ornaments and a silk tassel, this egg is a statement piece for the ages. 

Anniversary Celebration Egg (Tabriz)

An exquisite example of the new century, this 2000s crystal egg handbag is adorned with luxurious pearl beading in a pattern inspired by elaborate tapestries. The three-dimensional elements summon a new age of elegance. 

Anniversary Celebration Egg (Corset Golden)

This piece is inspired by the ethos of the 1990s, with a corset-like crystal bow pattern laid delicately around the bag on a gold geometric backdrop. This piece is a stunning ode to the decade.

Judith Leiber Is A Name To Remember

When you think of handbags that offer elegance and sophistication, that look stunning, and that exude quality, Judith Leiber is the name that comes to mind. Ever since her first creation in 1963, the Judith Leiber brand has been known for its dedication to craftsmanship and quality. Every single bag, no matter what design, size, color, or price, is something to behold – once you see one, you won’t be able to take your eyes off it, and that’s something very special indeed. 

The thing to remember about choosing a Judith Leiber handbag is that you’re buying more than just a standard accessory that you’ll use a few times and throw in the back of a closet – you’re buying quality that you’ll want to use time and time again. What’s more, you’ll be able to do just that because these handbags are made to stand the test of time; they’re as durable as they are exquisite. 

Every crystal and pearl, every seam, every clasp, has been thought about and carefully selected by skilled creators, ensuring that every handbag really is a unique and absolute masterpiece. This commitment to quality means your investment can be passed down through the generations, becoming so much more than something to wear; it becomes a special family heirloom that takes on a life of its own, thanks to the memories it makes. 

An Elegant Choice 

Who doesn’t want to be more elegant and have more sophistication in their lives? It’s a dream for many, and it’s a dream that can come true when you choose a Judith Leiber handbag. Even more so when you choose one of our stunning 60th Anniversary Egg Collection handbags – chosen specially to showcase the impeccable workmanship and designs that Judith Leiber is known for. 

At Judith Leiber, we understand that you want to make a statement, you want to be seen, and you want to be the height of fashion. With one of our stunning bags, you can have (and be) all that, working with a brand that’s been the first choice for celebrities, royalty, and fashion icons alike. 

A Timeless Collection

The Judith Leiber 60th Anniversary Egg Collection is everything wonderful about the brand, distilled down into seven special handbags. From the 1960s to the 2020s, you’ll get a snapshot of each era and understand how, even though the designs might change, the quality and craftmanship never does – a Judith Leiber bag from the 60s is just as gorgeous today as a Judith Leiber bag from the 2020s, and that’s something you can always rely on. When you invest in one of our beautiful 60th Anniversary Handbags, you’ll be taking home a piece of history that can’t be replicated or replaced.  

Handbags are the ideal item for any wardrobe, and if you want to enjoy something special, treating yourself to one of the seven anniversary bags is an excellent option. However, don’t forget that Judith Leiber is also the perfect gift for a loved one who deserves something unique and stylish in their lives. If you’re looking for a gift, any one of our collection would be a fantastic find. Because they’re all so different and all showcase various aspects of what Judith Leiber can do and is all about, you can take your time to choose something that’s just right for your lucky recipient. Find the ideal bag for their personality and preferences, and it’s something they’ll love forever and adore from the moment they set eyes on it. 

Choose From Our 60th Anniversary Egg Collection Today

A limited-edition handbag from Judith Leiber’s 60th Anniversary Egg Collection, whether it’s something classic from the 1960s or something up to date from the 2020s, is a special experience and piece indeed, and when you own one, you’ll certainly be aware of its beauty and its timeless aura. Browse our wonderful collection today, and you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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