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JLC Holiday Ornaments

There are so many wonderful reasons to love the festive season; it’s a time when the world completely transforms into something beautiful, not just to look at, but to feel as well. There’s something in the air that makes us happy, festive, and joyous. 

So why not add to the warmth and happiness that the holidays bring with a little extra something special to hang on your tree this year? To celebrate Judith Leiber’s remarkable 60th anniversary, we’re excited to introduce a stunning collection of Holiday ornaments that showcase not just how exquisite the work is but also add to the spirit of the season. This is where tradition and elegance come together to create something unique and beautiful that you can love forever and pass down through the generations for decades to come. 

Why We Decorate

Decorating for the Holidays isn’t just about making our homes look nice – it’s about tradition, and at Judith Leiber, tradition is extremely important to us. Over the past 60 years, we’ve created some of the most stunning bags and clutches imaginable, and we’re happy to share that tradition with you at this most special time of the year. 

That’s why we decorate, after all. It’s about celebration and bringing people together. Once the ornaments are hanging on the tree, everything looks wonderful, but think about the process to get them there. You’ll have friends and family to help you, there will be laughter, songs, food, and drink, you will get together to decorate and it’s a special time for all. If Judith Leiber’s ornaments can be there too, we’d be honored that you thought of us. Once you see what we have for you, you’ll certainly want us to be part of your Holiday traditions. 

Twinkling lights, bright colors, twisting tinsel, and, of course, ornaments for the tree are something we love, no matter how old we are or how we celebrate. So enjoy them all the more with some ornaments from Judith Leiber to make the entire look complete – and gorgeous. 

Our Ornaments Are High Quality 

Take a look at our impressive collection of hanging ornaments, each one mirroring the shape of Judith Leiber’s iconic ‘Chatelaine’ handbag, that is taken the same amount of care as our handbags to craft. At Judith Leiber, quality is something we’re serious about, and when you take one of our excellent ornaments home with you and appreciate the special time, care and fine craftsmanship that have gone into these creations. 

That’s the key when it comes to decorating with design in mind: quality. Yes, you can buy cheap and cheerful ornaments, and they’ll be bright and fun, but to create a true statement and have a longlasting decoration, you will fall in love with the collection. These pieces are crafted from the finest glass, ensuring not only a luxurious look but also that special durability you’ve come to expect from Judith Leiber and can continue to pass down as holiday staples. Each piece is a true testament to the high-quality work that goes into everything we do, and when our ornaments are part of your décor, they’ll uplift everything and become a standout centerpiece in your home. 

More than the best quality, Judith Leiber’s ornaments are all about attention to detail – each piece is, as we pride ourselves on with everything we make, meticulously designed and carefully inspected to ensure that every crystal is perfectly placed and every ornament shines in the brightest possible way. We know that it’s the small details that make the difference, and that’s where the magic often lies. You’ll see that instantly as you enjoy our festive decorations. 

Versatile And Impeccable 

When it comes to your decorations for the Holidays, if you’re looking for something to really enjoy through the ages, you’ll want to find something that’s versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on what it is you’re looking for and what final design you have in mind. 

That’s where Judith Leiber’s ornaments can come in perfectly for you – our decorations, created in that instantly familiar shape that’s so beloved by so many, will look wonderful hanging on your tree, sparkling in the twinkling Christmas lights, but they’ll also look wonderful anywhere else you might want to have them. Hang them from your light fittings, drape them along your fireplace mantelpiece, or even use them on your table to create the most impressive and unusual of centerpieces for family dinner. Look around; there are so many ways you could enjoy our decorations, making them ideal for any home and any style of holiday décor. 

A Timeless Collection

If there’s one thing you’ll know about any item created by Judith Leiber, it’s that it’s timeless and won’t look out of place anywhere – it’s a trait we’re proud of and one that we instill into everything we create. That’s why you can rely on our selection of ornaments to be there year after year. 

All you need to do is wrap them carefully when you put them away after the decorations come down and store them in a safe place, and they will be waiting when the festive season rolls around again. Our ornaments capture the spirit of The Holidays perfectly, and they’ll soon become a cherished part of your Yuletide celebrations. 

Browse Our Collection Today

As you prepare to celebrate the holidays this year, why not think about indulging in a Judith Leiber ornament? Your home will look stunning and just how you always imagined a holiday home to look like, and having our iconic Chatelaine handbag decorations with you will offer you a unique blend of tradition and luxury that you’ll find hard to get anywhere else. Browse our beautiful collection of ornaments and choose the one you’ll cherish forever; it’s something you’ll love for its classic looks and the memories it will help you create.

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