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Preparing for the Holiday Season with These 4 Bags

The holiday season is a time to celebrate and have fun and just enjoy being who you are and where you are – they say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that’s so very true, cliché or not. You’ve got it all, from being with family and friends to festive décor making your home look gorgeous and fun, to the parties and events you’ll be going to – not to mention the gifts you’ll be giving and receiving at this time of year!

At Judith Leiber, we can help make a lot of this happen for you. We have an extraordinary range of holiday ornaments, for example, to make your house twinkle with sophistication, and when it comes to your parties and your gifts, you’ll find we can help there too – our range of exquisite handbags will give you plenty of choices, and you’ll love the selection we have for you. 

If you’re looking for that perfect clutch for the office party, a stunning handbag for a special Christmas date, or perhaps a glamorous design for a loved one as a gift they’ll cherish forever, Judith Leiber is the right option. Here are some of the most wonderful bags for this most magical time of year so you can prepare perfectly for the holiday season. 

Satin Bow Envelope Black 

From a classy cocktail party to a night on the town with friends, the Satin Bow Envelope Black handbag is just what you need this holiday season. It’s all about sophisticated charm, and because it’s black, it goes with anything – you can pick the outfit you love, knowing that your gorgeous Judith Leiber handbag will always complement it. Made from stunning Italian satin, you’ll love the look and feel of this bag, and what really sets it apart and gives it a truly fabulous edge is the custom crystal-covered bow brooch on the front. Each bow ornament is handmade using the most innovative techniques to ensure it finishes your beautiful bag off in just the right way. 

Inside the clutch there is a satin-lined interior to match the texture of the exterior, giving you a completely luxurious look and feel and ensuring that whatever you’re carrying with you stays safe. Our special magnetic snap closure is secure, and the silver-colored hardware completes the picture, giving you one very special handbag indeed. 

Gemma Crystal Silver 

There are certain colors that you always associate with The Holidays – red and green, of course, gold, and then there’s silver. Silver is a cool and calming color that works well when it comes to exuding glamor and sophistication, as well as giving off an elegant and sophisticated air that isn’t as bold as gold. If you want something slightly more understated, silver is often the best choice, and the Gemma Crystal Silver handbag is a perfect example. 

The exterior of the bag is covered in stunning crystals that reflect the light and give off their own festive sparkle, and when you add the silver-colored hardware, you’ll soon see how it all blends together to create the ultimate party accessory, whether you’re at a big work event or a small family gathering. 

Something that makes the Gemma extra special is the removable pave link chain strap. It looks fabulous, of course – everything used to create a Judith Leiber design looked fabulous – but because you can remove it if you need to, you’ll have a bag that’s versatile, and that can be taken to any event you want and worn in the way that suits you and your outfit best. That means you don’t ever have to worry about whether or not your handbag is going to work and be convenient; with this particular bag, you can rest assured it will work just fine. 

Champagne Bottle Big Bubbles 

What’s the festive season without some champagne to celebrate? That’s why the Champagne Bottle Big Bubbles handbag is the perfect choice to wear to your Christmas or New Year’s Eve parties and events – you’ll always have the holiday spirit with you. Plus, what better way to start conversations and enjoy small talk than by showing off your Judith Leiber bag and enjoying the whimsical nature of holiday joy.

Although this is clearly a party item to wear, the Champagne Bottle Big Bubbles won’t let you down when it comes to quality and the way it’s made – our designers and highly skilled artisans treat every bag as special as the one before it, and you’ll be able to see that with the meticulously placed crystals that shimmer and shine beautifully. We’ve also included a gorgeous leather interior in a metallic style that works in harmony with the sparkly, bubbly exterior to create an overall look you’ll love (and so will everyone else). 

With a versatile removable cross-body chain, you can be sure you’ll be able to carry this bag in the best way for you, giving you style and comfort in one unusual accessory that’s going to turn heads and make you the life and soul of the festivities. 

Perry Crystal Clutch Emerald

The Perry Crystal Clutch Emerald is a stunning bag that gives off an air of classic beauty, making it just right for a wonderful holiday season event, whatever it might be. The emerald color is perfect for emanating one of the iconic colors of Christmas, and is a great pick, giving you a festive feel but without too much of a splash. 

That’s the lovely thing about the Perry Crystal Clutch Emerald; it’s understated and elegant, and that’s what makes it really stand out. Of course, you can get the Perry Clutch in other colors, so if you really love it – and there’s every reason to – why not collect them all so you’ll always have a stunning handbag ready to use whatever the occasion and whatever you’re wearing? With this in mind, you’ll know that your handbag has the authentic Judith Leiber handcrafted elements that make these bags so popular and well-loved.

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