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Judith Leiber’s Fun Spring Gift Guide

Spring carries many connotations: renewal, hope, joy, youth, and growth. It is a refreshing time of year with the dead of winter being overrun with blossoming flowers and bird song.

You can reinvent yourself if you wish, or if you have many spring-born besties or family members who are obsessed with all things fashion, there are many fun and fabulous gifts you can gift them with.

Consider the current fashion trends gracing us right now. Bows, beige, the 1980s, and accessories that scream extra are all the rage, making them perfect gifts for the special person in your life.

Judith Leiber Coutureare proud to announce outstanding accessories your loved one is sure to obsess over and cherish, withJudith Leiberclutches that are not only in fashion but are timeless too.

For those of you who are seeking the best gifts this spring, look no further. The latest Judith Leiber collectionhas everything you desire.

The Gummy Bear Pillbox

For those who have a sweet tooth, the Gummy Bear Pillbox is delectable, cute, and fun. Add sweetness into someone’s life with one of these colorful bears – choose from a punchy fuchsia, a deep red, a zingy tangerine, and much more. If your friend is a fan of gummy sweets or cute little bears, this accessory is perfect.

The Donut Pillbox

Got a soft spot for donuts? The Donut Pillbox Sprinkles and Donut Pillbox Chocolate look good enough to eat, ideal for those who could never say no to such deliciousness. Bright colors and the champagne toned metal hardware complete these Judith Leiber handbags, making them effortlessly stylish as well as quirky and cool.

The Popsicle Pillbox

The sweet treats don’t stop there, though. Judith Leiber Couturehas released a new set of Popsicle Pillbox clutches, featuring the Popsicle Pillbox Watermelon and the Popsicle Pillbox Creamsicle. The Popsicle Pillbox will not only look fabulous in spring but will also complete any summer outfit your friend may be wearing.

For the ultimate gift, you can pre-order the stunning Ice Cream Sundae Sprinkles. This Judith Leiber clutch is the ultimate novelty clutch with its twinkling sprinkles and beautifully encrusted ice cream bowl. The cherry on the top, however, is, well, the cherry on the top.

The Tall Slender Rectangle Summer Garden and Garlands Clutch

Spring wouldn’t be complete without adding elegant floral designs to your outfit. Judith Leiber has crafted the Tall Slender Rectangle Summer Gardenand Tall Slender Rectangle Garlands clutches for a subtle and elegant accessory – perfect for friends or family members who want a more classical handbag to add to their collection. Both these Judith Leiber clutch bagsare enthused by floral watercolor design; the Garlands is inspired by vintage prints, whereas the Summer Garden is fit for a luscious garden party (so think about your friend who likes garden cocktail parties).

The Slim Slide Garden Patch

Friends who enjoy clutches bursting with vibrant colors, however, will love the Slim Slide Garden Patch clutch. This handbag is completed with a metallic leather lined interior, as well as the usual colorful crystals that grace all Judith Leiber clutches.

The Russian Doll Busy Bee

Friends who have a quirky style, Judith Leiber has a whole selection of handbags on offer. Pre-order our unique Russian Doll Busy Bee clutch for fanciful glamor that’ll enhance your friend’s wardrobe and make them shine.

The Popcorn Matinee

Fan of the movies? Well, the Popcorn Matinee is ideal for movie buffs, making your friend’s outfit red carpet ready, whether they’re sporting a casual blue jean and tee look or wearing a slinky LBD.

The Sphere Ball & Chain

Friends with a sense of humor will full head over heels in love with the Sphere Ball & Chain– this clutch has an iconic design that’s promised to steal the show with its gunmetal chain wristlet strap. What’s more, this clutch is sure to go with any outfit, meaning your friend can enjoy it during the day and nighttime.

The Envelope Bronze Crocodile Clutch

Fans of animal print will want to add this clutch to their collection. The Envelope Bronze Crocodile Clutch will add texture to your friend’s wardrobe while also looking effortlessly chic. Your friend will be able to wear this handbag in the day but also transition it over into a nighttime outfit. 

The Envelope Grey Crystal Clutch

This clutch is absolutely timeless – it will never go out of style and will, therefore, remain your friend’s go-to bag over the years. You’ll dazzle your friend with the elegant Judith Leiber clutch, with its sleek lines and iconic coloring.

Customize a Clutch for Them

Want to go one step further to finding the perfect gift? You can customize a Judith Leiber clutch so that your friend gets a custom piece that’ll showcase their name in dazzling crystals.

Like Blake Lively and her customized clutch, you too can create a piece of art for your friend or family member. The steps are easy, too.

Firstly, decide on the type of clutch they would love. You can stick to an effortlessly simple but beautiful Slim Slide Bespoke Clutch or Slide Lock Bespoke Clutch, or if you want to add some flair into the design, the Hello My Name is Monogram and Momma Clutch adds quirk and character.

Once you have selected the Judith Leiber clutch, it’s time to customize the handbag. You have a choice of uploading a signature or using our very own signature font. Add to cart when you are satisfied with the design of the clutch.

There are many more unique clutches you can customize; for instance, are they a music lover? If so, then the Slim Slide Bespoke Party Mix or Slim Slide Bespoke Rainbow Mix clutches are colorful and whimsical. All our customized clutches take 8 weeks to arrive, so be sure to order these in plenty of time!


Judith Leiber has a number of iconic clutches for you to choose from, all of them acting as the perfect gift for a loved one. Whether you’re after timeless elegance or a fun and wonderful clutch, there’s a Judith pursefor everyone.

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