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Judith Leiber’s Tips on How to Organize Your Purse Collection

You can never have too many handbags. That much we know is true. However, what do you do when your handbag collection becomes unmanageable?
Take advice from the legend that is the Judith Leiber handbag company, of course.
Whether you want to find your favorite purse with ease or need help with storage, these tips from Judith Leiber on how to organize your purse collection are just what you need.

How To Organize Your Purses

When it comes to organizing your purse and handbag collection, there are several different methods that you can choose.

By color:

One of the most popular ways to organize your handbags is by color. This is a particularly good method for women who have a large purse collection.

By designer:

Another way in which you can organize your handbags is by designer or brand. For example, you place all your Judith Leiber handbags together so that you find the one you want on any particular day with ease.
This is a good organization method for women who have several favorite handbag designers.

By size:

If you have lots of different-sized handbags and purses, then you may want to organize them by size. This is also a good method if you have different-sized bags for different occasions, such as larger handbags for work and smaller purses for parties and dinner dates.

By type:

If you have lots of different styles of handbags, then it can be useful to organize them by type. For example, rather than store your clutch bag with your satchels, shoulder bags, and crossbody bags, store them all separately so you can easily locate your satchel when you need it and not come across shoulder bag after shoulder bag.

How To Store Your purses

Once you have decided how you are going to sort your purse collection, the next step is to decide how you are going to store them. Again, there are several different methods to choose from depending on the number of handbags that you own and the amount of storage space you have available.

As a lifelong lover of designer couture clutches, Judith Leiber knew every trick in the book to keep her purse collection in pristine condition and always within arm’s reach.
Discover all the best storage solutions for your handbag collection below:

Use cubby holes:

Cubby holes, or cubbies, are perfect for storing handbags and can accommodate lots of different-sized purses. They also allow you to proudly display your prized purse collection and offer quick and easy access for times when you are in a hurry.
If you don’t have the space to install cubby holes, then bins are a good alternative and are great for keeping your handbags protected and organized.

Hang from hooks:

Make use of any spare walls in your bedroom by hanging hooks to display and organize your purses. You can also hang hooks on the back of doors and on the inside of your closet if you prefer your purses to be kept out of sight.
The beauty of hanging hooks is that they can accommodate as few or as many handbags as you would like.

Use magazine holders:

For smaller purses, magazine holders make a handy storage solution. These are particularly effective at storing slim bags as they prevent them from slouching over and becoming out of shape.
Alternatively, file holders and hat boxes can be used to store smaller bags if you have any lying around your home.

Invest in dividers:

If you want your handbag collection to look neat and tidy at all times, then you need shelf dividers. Perfect for keeping your purses and bags in an upright position and separated from one another, shelf dividers can be easily fitted into your existing closet.
These also enable you to see your entire purse collection at once, which is great for those who struggle to choose a bag each day.

Display in a bookcase:

If you like to have all your handbags on display, then why not consider storing them in an unused bookcase? Offering plenty of space and visual appeal, a bookcase is a good option if you don’t have built-in shelving in your closet for your Judith Leiber bags.
You can also add shelf dividers if you are worried about keeping your purses in an upright position. This can be a very effective form of storage and a reliable option for those in smaller homes with limited built-in storage.

Invest in handbag hangers:

Handbag hangers are ideal for storing your designer handbags as they are specially designed to keep your bags in mint condition. Unlike traditional clothes hangers, handbag hangers help your handbags to maintain their shape and keep them protected.
These are also great for making your handbag collection look even more impressive, creating a streamlined look, and enabling you to easily reach in and grab your chosen bag.

Create a bag/shoe corner:

If you have the space, then why not create your very own accessories corner? Think about when you get dressed in the morning. When you go to pick a handbag, do you not always check that it goes with your shoes?
Make this process quicker and easier by storing your shoes and handbags in the same place. You can even pair shoes and bags together so that you only have to grab and go in the morning.

Compartmentalize using zipper pouches:

Zipper pouches are inexpensive, and most people already have some lying around their homes. Providing the perfect way to compartmentalize your purse selection, you can find zipper pouches in a wide range of different materials, including faux leather, fabric, and canvas.

And there you have it - the Judith Leiber guide to purse organization.
Now all that’s left for you to do is start organizing your own purses, and then when all your handbags are perfectly arranged, what better time to add to your collection?
Check out the latest Judith Leiber couture clutches and find the perfect new purse for your next special occasion. Now that you have a reliable system in place, you can be certain that every purse you bring into your collection is kept safe, and you can still easily find exactly the one you need.

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