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Novelty Clutch Bags That Are Perfect For Making A Statement

Accessories as finishing touches are usually the go-to choice for many who wish to make a statement. Something so simple as an accessory can completely transform an outfit or else bring it all together cohesively with a luxurious and standout finish.

Clutch bags are ideal for making a statement in this way because they’re simple accessories that can nevertheless pack a punch. Not only will you be holding a clutch against your outfit at all times, ensuring the statement piece is always seen, but you also have a practical, fashionable accessory you can use and show off during your days and nights out. It’s a statement piece that will catch people’s attention, get people talking, and be included in all the photos.

Furthermore, a novelty clutch is one of the best ways to push that statement piece even further. You can go beyond an elegantly striking handbag and embrace designs that are truly unique, theme-based, and also best reflect your personality or the fashion style you’re trying to create.

Thankfully, at Judith Leiber, there is a novelty clutch bag for every style, color, and occasion. From the summer garden party aesthetic and your favorite dessert adorned in crystal design to your beloved breed of dog to take with you on your arm, Judith Leiber’s lavish collection of novelty clutches is here to make a statement as grand as it is bold. How? Let’s take a look at some of the most striking novelty clutch bag pieces for your next catwalk-worthy outfit.

Peacock Peek-A-Boo

Is anything more seductively statement-making than a stunning selection of peacock plumes? There’s a big and bold reason that peacocks use their glorious feathers to attract attention, which means this Peacock Peek-A-Boo design is exactly what you need to catch folks’ eyes and get people talking.

All in all, this particular clutch is perfect for those lovers of tranquil turquoise hues and classy gold sheen, exuding an air of regality and finesse with its colorful plumage and crystal finish.

Ice Cream Sundae Sprinkles

You can’t have a novelty statement handbag without thinking about some of the most delicious desserts. One of the most exciting and colorful has to be the classic ice cream sundae, and here it is in elegant-and-fun crystal form.

This Ice Cream Sundae Sprinkles clutch adds a luxuriously delectable finishing touch to any outfit with its encrusted rainbow crystal sprinkles and oversized cherry on top. The shimmering ice cream finish and sweet swirling trimmings result in a true work of art that you can wear. If you’re someone who likes to indulge in fashion as well as sweet desserts, this taste bud-teasing temptation is for you.

Fairy Tale Castle

If you’re planning on attending a fairytale-themed party, or if you simply like to dress like royalty, this Fairy Tale Castle statement clutch is a supreme choice. The best part about this beauteous clutch is that each time you open it, you’re stepping inside your very own castle!

No matter how big and bold your sparkling princess dress or majestic outfit may be, this castle clutch is the essential finishing touch for that ethereal, romantic aesthetic. Inspired by faraway lands, it lets you live your fairy tale dreams in full luxurious fashion as the belle of the ball you’ve always dreamed of being.

The castle box is sparkling in gold-plated crystals all meticulously set by hand along the bag’s design, while the delicate champagne shade of the gold brings to life a more sophisticated styling. Couple this regal appeal with the removable elbow chain, and you can show off your very own castle on your arm or in your hand.

Boombox Retro

Thinking of the perfect statement clutch for your next music event? Why not try a retro boombox? This provides peak timeless vibes in a fancy finish for a design that will never go out of style. The Boombox Retro clutch is perfect for showing off your love of music and your penchant for elegant crystals in a retro design.

Offering a sophisticated combination of statement champagne gold crystals with timeless black, this rich novelty clutch bag is the ultimate trendsetter for fashionistas who cherish music dearly in their stylish hearts. Additionally, it has a lush golden handle for you to hold, mimicking the style of your vintage boombox’s handle.

Football Pink

Make a statement at your next sports game, sporting event, or any party where you want to show off a stylish piece taking the form of your favorite sport. This Football Pink clutch takes sporty gals one step further with its crystal-laden football shape, complete with a pretty pink edge for extra personality. The elegant crystal design shows off shimmering pink and silver crystals combined for an iconic color pairing in an even more iconic shape.


When thinking of a statement novelty clutch bag, nothing suits any place or event more than a cocktail – especially when it’s a classic like the Cosmopolitan. Just as you thought the legendary cocktail couldn’t get any better, here you have a crystal-dotted version in a deliciously tall glass to carry around with you and hold – like you would your favorite tipple.

Channel the one and only Carrie Bradshaw, for whom making a statement was a fashion norm, by showing off her favorite cocktail in a crystal design she’d be proud of. Take to the big city with this polished statement clutch ideal for any bar, nightclub, or event, and you’ll be the talk of the town. 

Hot Dog

Not a fan of sweet treats and want to show off savory luxury instead? This fun and truly unique Hot Dog peppered with crystals brings to life one of the most popular snack foods, perfect for the big city. The standout design even comes complete with all the condiments and trimmings you could want from your favorite food on the go.

The attention to detail is second to none, right down to the spectacular red sparkling squiggle of ketchup and the chic gingham napkin. If you’re planning a trip to the bright lights of NYC so

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