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7 Ways To Glam Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Your summer wardrobe is an exciting opportunity to show off your style, and there are many reasons why most people look forward to preparing their fashion collection for the warm weather. However, the need for practicality with your summer wardrobe comes alongside optimum style.

There are many items, styles, and accessories you’ll need for many different purposes and occasions throughout the warmer months. During the summer, you’ll likely be going out more, so you’ll need key pieces like bags, hats, and sunglasses while also developing outfits that are suited to keep you cool, comfortable, and fashionable.

Summer glam may seem difficult when the weather is so hot and layers aren’t always needed, resulting in the potential for only concentrating on minimalistic styles that keep you cool. Nevertheless, there are many ways you can opt for more glam this summer, and here are seven methods to help you achieve that.

 1. Use Striking Colors

A glamorous summer wardrobe isn’t going to come in black and white. Although black and white can easily reflect a sophisticated style and are easy to pair with any luxurious accessories, you’ll need more pops of color to help your summertime wardrobe stand out.

If you don’t want clothing items that are too vibrant, you can always add color through your accessories, such as bright lipstick shades, a statement color necklace, bold shoes, or an elegant handbag.

2. Take The Summer Theme And Make It Luxurious

Many things will remind you of summer, and you can incorporate them into your fashion items and prints. For instance, summertime flavors could be flowers, ice cream, or cocktails that bring to mind sociable summer get-togethers or days relaxing with your favorite sweet treats at the beach.

With this notion in mind, you plan your ideal summer accessories and give them an eye-catching, luxurious edge. For example, your summer bags could be upgraded to Judith Leiber’s delicious line of Sweet Treat handbags, such as the Popsicle Watermelon clutch or Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Cone. In this unique way, you can show off your tasty summer treats in style!

3. Jewelry Is A Must

One of the easiest ways to make an outfit more glamorous is through jewelry. Any summer get-up without at least a little bit of gem shine or metallic sparkle isn’t going to look or feel half as luxe as it could.

When choosing the right glam jewelry for summer, think about pieces that you like and would feel comfortable wearing. It’s also a good idea to consider wearing your jewelry in areas that will be most in view so that it isn’t hidden (like stud earrings hidden by a large summer hat, as an example).

If the hot summer weather leaves you feeling as though you would rather your skin remain bare, then you can use jewelry in a different way, such as sparkling belts to cinch in your waist, or maybe an anklet rather than a necklace if that’s more comfortable for you.

4. Choose Items That Sparkle

When considering glam, you need to think about upgrading from minimalist to maximalist with gems, glitter, and crystals to craft an eye-catching collection of summertime looks. Showcasing shimmer and sparkle is one of the best ways to spruce up items you already use and enjoy, such as jewelry or handbags – especially if you’re looking at summer events where glam is the desired dress code. If that’s the case, you should look for items like the Butterfly Queen handbag for those summer garden parties.

Ideally, you should also apply the same logic to the clothing items you wear. Lavish garment details like sequins can be a great choice because they reflect the summer light and give your outfit a stunning finish. Any other shiny fabrics, such as metallic thread, will work to up your summer attire’s ante in the shimmering sense, too!

5. Makeup Can Transform Your Look

When you’re planning on spending days out in the sun, makeup might be the last thing on your mind; you might want to keep your skin clear for a healthy tan and not have to combat the heat and sweat working to melt your makeup. However, makeup for those days spent at summer parties and events – especially evening gatherings when the weather is a little cooler – will instantly add a glamorous touch to any outfit.

Summer is the perfect time to be more adventurous with bold and shimmering makeup shades, such as glitter eyeshadow, bright lipstick shades, dramatic highlighting creams and powders, and even extra features like gems on your face and in your hair.

6. The Right Shoes Will Be The Defining Factor

For glam days or nights out, the right shoes can make you feel entirely different. Think about how luxurious you feel in a pair of heels compared to how you feel in a flat pair of flip-flops – that’s why the right glam heels are essential for your summer wardrobe. These could be elegant stilettos for a summer night out or perhaps a more casual and comfortable pair of wedges that still give off an elegant vibe.

When thinking about how you can make your heels stand out, your mind should ponder bold colors and shimmering finishes in the same way mentioned above regarding clothing and accessories. For example, heels with crystals or a metallic sheen will reflect the light and look summertime seductive. Plus, bold hues will make for a more eye-catching aesthetic, too.

7. Finish It All Off With An Irresistible Summer Fragrance

Many people may forgo a perfume when it comes to their everyday routine, saving a special scent for a glam occasion or night out only. However, the perfect summery scent can be the ideal finishing touch for a sophisticated outfit and can transform the way you feel in it.

If you’d rather mix it up throughout the summer season and try different scents for different occasions, why not try the More is More! For Her? With this, you can mix your favorite fragrances into one to create a new scent that’s unique to you and your summer style.

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