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Purse Maintenance Guidance: Tips to Extend the Life of Your Judith Leiber Bags

You’ve heard of maintaining your car and household appliances, but what about your designer bags? Your accessories deserve as much care and attention as other items you own. This is especially true when it comes to something as unique as a Judith Leiber couture clutch

Judith Leiber: A Handbag Collection You’ll Want to Keep Safe 

Judith Leiber is a handbag company that makes truly unique and mesmerizing purses. They make the styles of handbag that you’ll want to wear for a special occasion, matching your brand-new couture purse to a dazzling dress. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from sparkling purses shaped like martini glasses to quirky clutches shaped like a passport. Not only that, but they’re carefully made by talented artisans who use high-quality materials including the finest quality crystals. 

It’s safe to say that Judith Leiber bags are the type of accessories that you’ll want to keep safe and sound for a very long time. Luckily, we know exactly how to extend the life of your Judith Leiber collection so your bags last and last. You’ll be able to clutch onto your Slim Slide Constellations Purse or your Soft Boom Box Clutch for many years to come. Read on to learn how. 

Clean Spills Immediately

The idea of spilling something in or on a Judith Leiber couture creation can be enough to cause panic, however, you can be prepared if it does. The best way to clean a spill is to dampen a cloth with either water or rubbing alcohol (depending on what was spilled on it) and rub gently. Don’t be too vigorous—you don’t want to cause more damage. By cleaning the spill immediately, you reduce the chance of staining. 

Be Protective of Your Bags

While you can clean the spills when they occur, it’s always better to avoid them altogether. So, whenever you use your Judith Leiber purse, do your best to protect it, no matter what. For example, if you’re sitting at a table that has many drinks on it, avoid setting it down on the table in case of a spill. Instead, keep it tucked under your arm or in your hand or store it in another appropriate place. 

Be Smart with Storage

If you want your bags to last, it’s essential to store them correctly. Create a specific storage system that keeps your Judith Leiber bags in good shape. You’ll want to avoid storing your Judith Leiber purses in direct heat or sunlight, as this could cause damage. Instead, store it in a cool, dry space where it isn’t squashed up against anything else. Don’t worry about keeping them out in the open, though, as letting your purses breathe is good for them. 

Have Your Bags on Rotation

It’s natural to fall in love with a designer bag. However, using that bag time and time again will only mean that it sustains more wear and tear over time. If you have a Judith Leiber collection, rotate your bags so that you don’t overuse one. Not only will it mean that your bags sustain less damage, but it will also mean that you can enjoy more of your purses! You may have even forgotten about one and then suddenly remember how much you love it. 

Know How to Clean Your Purses

Sometimes, you’ll need to clean your Judith Leiber purses. Luckily, it isn’t too hard to do so. All of the Judith Leiber collection has written instructions on how to clean the purses, so follow those instructions carefully—not all bags should be cleaned the same way! Generally, though, there’s a simple method that will keep the exterior and lined interior in good shape. Simply take a dry cloth and carefully wipe down the whole bag. This method shouldn’t cause any damage but will keep your bag clean enough for when you next wear it. 

Consider What You’re Storing Inside

What are you placing into your Judith Leiber purse? While you can really put anything in there that fits, you should think carefully before placing an item in there that might damage the interior. For example, a makeup item with a loose lid might end up leaking. 

Protect Your Bags When Traveling

Do you plan on taking one or two of your Judith Leiber purses on vacation? If so, you’ll need to pack them in such a way that doesn’t cause damage to them. Ideally, store them in protective plastic bags before putting them into your suitcase. You may also want to put them inside a separate box before putting them in the case so they don’t get crushed by your other items.  

Get Your Judith Leiber Bag Repaired When Necessary 

Has your Judith Leiber purse sustained any damage? Maybe a crystal has come loose, the chain has come free, or the interior lining has suffered a small tear. In any case, you can always use the Judith Leiber repair service, which aims to restore your bag to perfection completely. Getting your Judith Leiber bag repaired by our team will ensure your bag looks as good as new.

Expanding Your Judith Leiber Collection

So, you now know how to extend the life of your Judith Leiber handbags. What about expanding your collection? Judith Leiber has a wide range of high-quality clutch bags and purses, with talented handbag designers always coming up with new and exciting designs that will feel right at home within your collection. Check out the latest Judith Leiber clutches to find something unique and beautiful—just don’t forget to maintain and clean your new items properly! 

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