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Six Judith Leiber Purse Storage Solutions

Do you have a Judith Leiber collection? These bags are perfect for collection purposes; they’re unique, high quality, and often sparkling. They’re more than worthy of the investment. The question is, how do you store them? With such an incredible handbag collection, you’ll want to find a storage solution that protects your purses and looks great. 

The Importance of Storing Your Judith Leiber Handbag Correctly

One of the main reasons why you’ll want to create a good storage solution for your Judith Leiber handbags is that it protects them. Store them correctly, and your bags are more likely to stand the test of time. 

That’s not the only reason, though, good storage helps to keep your handbags organized, so you have an easier time finding the right one for the occasion. Plus, a high-quality storage system also makes your bag collection aesthetically pleasing to the point where it looks like an art display! 

That said, here are six of the best Judith Lieber handbag storage solutions to maintain your collection while ensuring they look fantastic. 

1: In a Cubed Organizer 

Cubed organizers are often used to store smaller items like shoes, but they can also work perfectly well for designer handbags. Your Judith Leiber bags will sit perfectly within each cube. This works well because it separates the bags, so there’s no risk of chains getting tangled together. Plus, it’s an efficient use of space. 

The only real downside here is that the cubes restrict how much you can see of the bags, so you might need to bend down and look to find your favorite handbag. Although, you could always mount the cubed organizer to a wall for easier access. 

2: On Displayed Shelves

If you have a lot of room to play with, one of the best ways to store your Judith Leiber collection is by displaying them on open shelves. Imagine walking into your closet only to see an entire collection of Judith Leiber handbags in front of you. This method is taking a leaf out of Kris Jenner’s book, who has shown off her Judith Leiber collection multiple times. Her unique clutch bags are displayed on white shelves in layers and are even color-coordinated. 

To make your collection look as good as Kris Jenner’s, you could go a step further by adding backlighting to the shelves for added effect. By doing this, your Judith Leiber collection won’t just be an array of different styles of handbags; they’ll also be a display of artwork. 

3: Hanging Them from a Clothing Rack 

Another great way to store your Judith Leiber handbags is by hanging them from hangers on a clothing rack. Doing this keeps the bags separate, giving them plenty of breathing room. It’s also effortless to reach for the correct bag if they’re stored in your closet.

If you choose this method, it’s essential to purchase high-quality hangers that won’t damage the bags or lead to the bag falling off. Non-slip velvet hangers work well, and they look great on the rail.

4: In a Purse Cabinet 

Why not dedicate an entire cabinet to your Judith Leiber clutch bags? A cabinet will add a touch of sophistication to any space, especially if you choose high-quality wood for the frame. The bags will sit perfectly inside the cabinet behind glass panels, so the collection is always on display. Simply open the cabinet and grab one of the purses from its spot whenever you want to use one! 

5: A Purse Organizer 

One of the easiest ways to store your Judith Leiber handbags is by investing in a handbag organizer, hanging it from your closet, and then filling it with your favorite bags. The size of the organizer depends on the one you buy—some will hold six purses, whereas another may only hold three or four. 

This is an excellent way of storing your handbags, as a good organizer will have a protective plastic layer that will keep your bags free of dust and other particles in the atmosphere. Plus, the organizer makes viewing all the bags very easy, as they’re displayed in a vertical line. Of course, you’ll need to give the organizer plenty of space, as you won’t want your bags to get squashed among all the clothes in your closet. 

6: Use Door Hooks

Do you have limited space in your home? If you don’t have room for wide shelves or a bag cabinet, you can use door hooks to display your Judith Leiber collection. Simply nail hooks to a wall or a door, and then hang the handbags by their chains. To save on space, you could even allow some of the bags to layer over each other slightly. 

Using door hooks means saving space while also keeping your Judith Leiber bags on full display—they’ll look great anywhere in your home. Plus, you’ll have very easy access to them, as you’ll just need to grab one off the hook before you head out the door. 

How to Organize Your Purses

You now know how to store your bags, but what about organizing them? If you have an extensive collection, you’ll want a system that allows you to find the purse you want quickly and easily. Plus, a good organization system will elevate your display. Here are some simple ways to organize your Judith Leiber collection. 

By Size

Judith Leiber bags come in a wide range of sizes, from large handbags to tiny novelty clutches. For a simple organization system, keep each size separate. This way, you’ll know exactly where to go when you need a medium-sized bag that can fit a phone! 

By Color 

One of the most common ways to organize accessories is by color. Of course, Judith Leiber’s bags often include several colors, so you may have to choose the main color of the bag to assign it to the right place. 

By Collection

Judith Leiber has the most unique bags around. There are a range of interesting collections, including bags that are shaped like food or designed by the Kardashians. If you’re building your very own Judith Leiber collection, it makes sense to organize your bags by the collection they fit into. 

Judith Leiber is one of the very best handbag designers in the world. You’ll want to display them correctly—they shouldn’t just live at the back of your closet! Any one of these storage solutions will protect your designer bags while also looking fabulous in your home. 

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