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Style Guide for Beautiful Bridesmaids

Are you getting married?


Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable days of your life, with everyone’s eyes on you.

However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t also want to ensure your nearest and dearest girlfriends are also looking the part.

Whether you have already picked out your bridesmaid dresses and you just need to find the perfect accessories, or you need some inspiration for the whole look, the below style guide for beautiful bridesmaids is exactly what you need.

Consider the season

The time of year is crucial when it comes to styling both yourself and your bridesmaids, as you want to opt for colors that complement the season.

When it comes to Judith Leiber handbags, there are options that suit all months of the year with pastel-hued Judith Leiber pursesfor spring/summer and richer shades for the darker months.

If you are getting married during spring or summer, we recommend a Judith Leiber’s rose clutch. Stunning, stylish, and luxurious, the Rose Romance Clutch even has the perfect name for celebrating your love.

For those getting married in winter, you should opt for a more rich and decadent design such as the Peacock Peak-a-Boo Clutch, which is elegant and opulent.

Mix and match styles

There is no rule that says all your bridesmaids have to look the same. In fact, unless all your girlfriends are the same shape and size, it can be a complete nightmare to find an outfit that looks good on everyone.

Therefore, why not choose to mix it up a bit and let your bridesmaid wear the same colors but in different styles?

The same can be applied to your choice of accessories, and with so many Judith Leiber clutch bags to choose from, it would be impossible to choose just one anyway!

Whether you opt for green, blue, red, pink, or a metallic shade, the Slim Side Clutch comes in a vast selection of stunning shades and promise to complement any bridesmaid dress.

Embrace designers

You only get one big day, so why not splash out and treat your bridesmaids to a designer handbag such as a Judith Leiber Coutureclutch?

Not only will this elevate your wedding day to a whole new level, but your choice of designers bags can also double up as gifts for your bridesmaids.

Who’s ready to be the best bride ever?

The Judith Leiber collection of designer couture clutches offers something for everyone. From the quirky Guitar Rock N Roll Clutch, to the whimsical Cinderella Pumpkin Purse, to the floral Slim Side Chinoiserie Clutch that is perfect for a spring/summer wedding.

Or, if you are a bit worried about the average Judith Leiber clutch price, then why not go for a pillbox Judith purse such as the Nail Polish Pillbox in Ballet Pink or the naughty Vodka Bottle Pillbox?

Let them shine

Yes, it is your big day, but that doesn’t mean your bridesmaids need to blend into the background? Make sure you all get enough time in the spotlight by choosing bright and beautiful outfits or accessories for the entire wedding party.

Think sequins, crystals, beads, and semi-precious stones – basically anything that brings bling to the table!

Of course, you can’t mention bling without thinking of Judith Leiber evening bags, each one expertly crafted with the utmost attention to detail and as many dazzling crystals as possible.

If you really want your bridesmaids to stand out from the crowd, the Top Handle Flora and Fauna Clutch, one of the latest Judith Leiber clutch bags, is guaranteed to bring the wow factor.

Alternatively, if you want to have a bit of fun with your bridesmaids’ accessories, then the French Fries Rainbow Clutch is both salty and sexy.

Anyone want fries with that?

Focus on functionality

Although a great honor, being a bridesmaid can be hard work, especially on the big day itself when your girlfriends have to cater to your every whim and ensure the whole day goes smoothly and without hiccups.

Therefore, you need to ensure your choice of outfits and accessories are fabulous and functional.

When it comes to the outfit, if you are having an outdoor wedding, then don’t opt for floor-length gowns for your bridesmaids, as this is just asking for trouble. Instead, embrace the midi trend.

For your choice of accessories, you want a bag that looks good and one that can be carried with ease.

One Judith Leiber clutch springs to mind, the Basket of Roses Clutch. A stunning addition to the Judith Leiber collection, this vibrant and romantic Judith Leiber crystal clutch features a removable long shoulder chain and a simple push-down enamel rose closure. This means that your bridesmaids can easily drape their bag over their shoulder when they need their hands free or display it proudly in their hands when it is time for the wedding photos.

Plus, it is big enough to fit in all the wedding beauty essentials that you may need to borrow throughout the day.

Don’t rule out white

Thanks to Pippa Middleton, it is no longer a fashion faux pas for bridesmaids to wear white. In fact, it can look incredibly chic and sophisticated when executed properly.

If you are worried that an all-white bride and bridesmaid party may look a little bland, don’t forget that you can inject some much-needed color in your chosen accessories.

The right Judith Leiber clutch and Judith Leiber jewelry will add just the splash of color your white gowns need. We love the Rainbow Heart Clutch, which is also available in red, pink, and silver.

Or, for those who want something a bit funkier, the Star Eclipse Clutch is out of this world.

And there you have it. Our ultimate style guide for beautiful bridesmaids.

Whether you want to play it safe or you are ready to unleash your imagination, there are so many ways that you can create the perfect look for your girlfriends.

Good luck and congratulations!

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