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Why Do People Collect So Many Luxury Handbags?

Some people collect rocks, some collect coins, while others collect luxury handbags. Collecting handbags is surprisingly popular, and there are plenty of reasons for it. They are sturdy and attractive, and there are different kinds to choose from. 

Want to know more about why so many people are into collecting handbags? Read on. 

To Highlight Their Status 

Owning designer handbags like Chanel and Louis Vuitton is a status symbol. It shows that the person has wealth and taste. In many circles – especially upper-class ones – the status symbol from a designer bag is important.  

To Create a Collection 

Sometimes, the answer is simple. Some people just want to have a collection of something, and if that person loves handbags, it makes sense that they start a bag collection! Owning a collection is something to be proud of, especially when that collection includes a Saint Laurent bag. After all, it shows dedication to a hobby. If you have a collection going back 20 years, it shows you know who you are and you can stick to a project.  

Because They Look Great 

A lot of the time, people collect items because they think they look great. There is no doubt how amazing a Hermés Birkin or a Crystal Clutch looks! When people start a collection of luxury handbags, they begin a collection of some of the most beautiful accessories the world has ever seen. When you think about it like that, it makes perfect sense!  

As an Investment 

People invest in many different ways. Whereas some people might invest in companies, others invest in their future by purchasing valuable items – the kind that will only go up in price as time goes on. A luxury vintage handbag is often worth a lot of money! If a person passes down their luxury handbag collection to a family member, that family member inherits an expensive collection of items that can be used to seal their future.  

For a Handbag to Go with Anything 

A handbag collection is perfect, as it provides the person with a bag to go with anything. They will own the best everyday bag that never clashes, as well as more unique bags that make a statement. With a collection of designer bags, the collector will always know how to accessorize an outfit! 

For the High-Quality and Longevity 

People’s favorite bags are usually the ones that stand the test of time. That is why luxury handbags are more sought after than more affordable options.  

Size Doesn’t Matter 

Of course, size does matter when choosing a handbag. You might want a bigger one to hold all your personal belongings, or you might want a tiny clutch to keep on your person during an evening dinner.  

The point is that, no matter how many years pass or how much your waistline changes, you will never outgrow a bag. Unlike dresses, jackets, pants – any item of clothing, really – bags will always fit you. You don’t have to worry about that! For that reason, it makes more sense for people to keep a luxury handbag collection rather than a dress collection.  

To Avoid Sweatshops and Cheap Labor 

Unfortunately, not every bag brand uses ethical labor. When you choose luxury brands, though, the chances are they are not made in sweatshops. Of course, it’s always best to do your research! Most people want to contribute to a kinder, more ethical world, and shopping with brands that pay their workers well is a good place to start.  

They May Go Up in Value 

When you purchase a luxury Chanel bag or Birkin bag, the chances are it will go up in value over time. You might want to keep it forever, or you might want to eventually sell it for a much higher price than when you originally bought it. 

Just look at handbag auctions and see how much they sell for! If you have a luxury handbag that you’ve had for several years, you might consider going to an auction house to see what you might get for it.  

For Items to Be Proud of 

Handbags are an item you can be proud of – especially luxury ones. Most people can spot a good handbag, and when you go out wearing one, you feel good. It’s a collection you can feel proud of. 

There is a Lot of Variety 

A handbag collection never ends because there will always be more handbags. From bucket bags to Red Envelope Clutches from Judith Leiber, you can always find a new, unique handbag to add to your collection. They come in a range of colors, styles, uses – think of a bag, and it’s probably out there! You can even find awesome novelty bags, like Judith Leiber’s Red Hot Lips Clutch, that are sure to make you stand out. 

Some People Love Luxury Handbags! 

Most people don’t need a reason for collecting an item other than they love them. When it comes to luxury handbags, there are a lot of fans. Some people are obsessed with the latest Louis Vuitton purses, while others need as many classic Judith Leiber bags as they can get their hands on. One thing is for sure – handbags are a universally loved accessory, and that is not going to change anytime soon!

What Luxury Bags Should You Invest In?

If you want to start a luxury handbag collection, you want to start with some of the classics like a clutch, a tote, a satchel, and a saddlebag. Start with neutral colors, too, before branching out and getting adventurous. Of course, you should also let your personal style dictate which bags you should buy! If you want a sparkly, rainbow-colored clutch, go for it. 

Luxury bags are expensive, so don’t worry if you can’t build a large collection quickly. Often, it takes time to create a collection worthy of showing off. Start slow, invest in the classics, and buy the handbags you love over time. One day, you will have a luxury handbag collection worthy of showing off.

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