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Styling: Matching Shoes and Bags

Matching shoes and bags can feel like a challenging task. If you’re a stickler for convention, you might follow the rule of finding shoes to match your bag or vice versa.

However, it is an outdated fashion concept you don’t have to follow, and it could prevent you from creating a jaw-dropping look.

While fashion doesn’t have rules, there are still some tactics you can embrace to perfect your style and wow onlookers. Read the following advice for matching shoes and bags.

The Correct Use of Color

The colors you choose for your bags and shoes can determine if you create a finished, elegant look or stand out for the wrong reasons.

Most forward-thinking fashionistas will tell you to complement and not coordinate. For example, a cream-colored bag will pop with brown boots.

Also, pick out hues from an outfit that coordinate with your accessories. For example, a floral summer dress in a pastel color scheme will likely complement baby blue shoes or one of the pale pink Judith Leiber evening bags, such as Bow Just for You or Rose Romance designs.

How to Add a Pop of Color

Don’t underestimate the power of a handbag and a quality pair of shoes. If Judith Leiber Couture has taught fashion lovers anything, it’s that a well-made, bold accessory has the power to transform the simplest of outfits.

For example, Suki Waterhouse wore a stunning cut-out light green dress to the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, which contrasted perfectly with the Hot Air Balloon Rainbow Judith Leiber crystal clutch. It added a much-needed pop of color and texture to the outfit and helped the phenomenal English actress stand out on the red carpet.

Never be afraid to add color, texture, and whimsy into an outfit. It will not only ensure all eyes are on you when walking into an event, but it can establish an outfit theme and prove you have a keen eye for impeccable design.

Rest assured, you’ll grab attention when walking into a room wearing a Judith Leiber Rose Clutch, which will enhance color, femininity, and texture and will pair well with neutral designer shoes.

Beyonce’s look at the 2018 Grammy Awards is a prime example of how handbags can establish a theme and even make a statement.

The singer-songwriter complemented her black turtleneck, cold shoulder gown with a custom black panther Judith Leiber clutch, highlighting her support for the Black Panther Party.

The Power of Accent Clutches

Oversized handbags cannot only take over your entire look, but they can often weigh you down.

Give an outfit the wow factor by saying goodbye to large handbags, and choose from many Judith Leiber clutch bags to take an outfit to the next level.

For example, heart silver Judith Leiber purses will add sparkle, elegance, and femininity into any outfit, from a little black dress to a vibrant pink mini dress.

However, you could keep your style classic with an envelope Judith Leiber crystal clutch, which are available in various colors, such as silver, champagne, black, red, and dark green.

If you’re not afraid to be a little daring or wish to put some humor into your look, pick a bolder design that will draw the eye, such as a Gold Brick clutch or Envelope Billions design.

Complement Overstated with Understated

Every outfit should have at least one statement piece that ties a look together. Once you have found your style focal point, you must pare back other clothing and accessories to ensure they don’t clash.

If you use too many statement pieces in an outfit, your style will appear confused, messy, and uncoordinated.

Guaranteed, all eyes will be on a Judith purse when walking into a room, which is why you must complement the accessory with a simple outfit and an understated pair of shoes. It will allow your chosen bag to shine.

A good example is Kim Kardashian’s outfit for the 25th anniversary of What Goes Around Comes Around.

The media personality wore a simple yet vibrant Versace dress paired with nude shoes and our whimsical French Fries Rainbow clutch.

There is a Judith Leiber clutch price for many budgets and a design to pair every garment hanging in your closet.

Don’t Stick with One color

Fashion should be fun. Sticking with one color from an outfit through to your handbags and shoes will make people believe your look is cut from the same fabric.

If you’re afraid of bold shades, mix and match muted or neutral colors, such as black and white, and add personality and vibrancy through your accessories, such as with Judith Leiber jewelry, clutches, and miniatures.

Stick with One Pattern

Wearing too many patterns can appear busy, brash, and unfashionable. Only wear one pattern in an outfit, which can go with a block color in your handbags and shoes.

Even if a garment features a similar pattern, too much texture can detract from an outfit, and garments can clash.

If you’re wearing an understated dress, add pattern and personality with one of the whimsical Judith Leiber handbags, such as the Merry Go Round clutch or Pinwheel Star.

Let the Seasons be Your Guide

If you’re stuck when it comes to ideas for bags, shoes, and other accessories, let the seasons be your guide. Never mix summer and winter accessories, as it will create a mismatched look that will tarnish an outfit.

For example, keep heavier handbags in your wardrobe during spring and summer, and choose delicate clutches or handbags that complement lighter shoes, such as heels, flats, or open-toed sandals.

You can then pull out larger bags and boots once fall and winter arrive.


Finding the perfect outfit for an upcoming event might feel easy but finding complementary bags and shoes can feel like a minefield.

However, if you follow some of these guidelines, you will create a stylish, sophisticated look that people will remember.

If you’re looking for some style inspiration, browse the Judith Leiber collection to find the perfect bag design for your personality and vision.

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