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Music/Pop Culture-Inspired Bags

The best fashion designers blur the lines between fashion and art, which is exactly what Judith Leiber has done since 1963.

The couture handbags never follow trends but set them, offering original designs, handcrafted quality, and attention to detail inside and out.

Unsurprisingly, Judith Leiber handbags have become a go-to accessory for many first ladies, celebrities, and socialites throughout the decades.

After all, a Judith Leiber collection represents the times and has the ability to create iconic looks and pop culture moments.

Continue reading to learn more about Judith Leiber's music and pop culture-inspired bags.

A Century of Style Clock Handbag

Iris Apfel has undoubtedly played a huge role in popular culture, fashion, textiles, and interior design.

Creating looks from a mix of high and low fashions, from flea market finds to haute couture pieces, the fashion icon has developed many unique designs worthy of acclaim.

Judith Leiber's A Century of Style Clock handbag was released in celebration of Iris Apfel's 100th birthday.

Inspired by Apfel's vintage clock from her home, the bold clutch features more than 10,000 handset crystals, including large blue crystals to mark each hour and a champagne leather-lined interior.

It is a fitting tribute to a true fashion icon.

The Football Handbag

The 2021 Met Gala theme not only celebrated American designers but it aimed to highlight social, political, and current events during the pandemic.

For this reason, music sensation Ciara wore the Football Judith Leiber purse to highlight her husband Russell Wilson's success with the Seattle Seahawks, which complemented his Super Bowl ring and a sparkling green dress that featured his jersey number.

It was a Met Gala touchdown that celebrated popular culture, sport, and fashion in one stunning accessory.

R2 D2 Handbag

Only a handful of fashion designers have had an opportunity to collaborate with Disney, and Judith Leiber is one of them.

The exquisite R2 D2 Judith Leiber clutch is not only a celebration of the fantastic cinematic franchise, but it represents one of the biggest movies in popular culture right now.

The chalk-white and silver crystal handbag features a removable crossbody chain with a limited edition Judith Leiber x STAR WARS medallion.

A synonymous Judith purse, it is bound to grab the attention of onlookers at your next big event.

I'll Pick Up the Tab Clutch

Every Judith Leiber crystal clutch is designed to represent the times, which is why the I'll Pick Up the Tab novelty handbag is a must-have in every bold, powerful woman's wardrobe.

The disc-shaped Judith Leiber couture handbag is a collaboration with Ashely Longshore and created for a woman who isn't afraid to be the boss.

Ashley Longshore was a natural collaboration for Judith Leiber clutch bags, as the pop artist focuses on graphics and words inspired by social issues, satiric sensibilities, and popular culture.

Made in Italy, it is an eye-catching crystal-covered handbag that proves whoever is carrying it has a great eye for fashion and means business.

The Brooklyn Bridge Bag

Blake Lively's look was a highlight of the 2022 Met Gala. She wore a jaw-dropping Versace gown that resembled the transformation of the Statue of Liberty in 1886, from its original copper design to its blue oxidation process.

The front of the gown paid tribute to the Empire State Building's exquisite architecture, and the train featured the same constellations found on Grand Central Terminal's ceiling.

Also, the popular actress and fashion icon complemented her striking gown with a custom Judith Leiber purse that resembled the Brooklyn Bridge and featured the Chrysler Building on the opposite side.

The beautiful accessory highlighted the fabulous role NYC played during the Gilded Age and continues to play in fashion and popular culture.

Strawberry Cupcake Clutch

Judith Leiber purses are not only inspired by popular culture, but they have helped to shape it.

Many handbags have appeared in the Sex and the City franchise throughout the years, such as the iconic Swan clutch.

However, the Strawberry Cupcake Clutch shaped the most famous scene in the first SATC movie.

Charlotte's young daughter, Lily, hangs up the phone on Big calling Carrie about his cold feet and then drops the device into her Swarovski crystal-covered Strawberry Cupcake clutch, causing Carrie to get stood up at the altar.

It has since become a classic Judith Leiber crystal clutch that embodies NYC style.

Also, the instantly recognizable Judith Leiber purse has proved popular with world-famous celebrities.

The quirky cupcake design complemented Katy Perry's synonymous style, ensuring the singer-songwriter stood out at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards.

The French Fries Rainbow Bag

A favorite of Dee Hilfiger, the creative director of Judith Leiber, the French Fries Rainbow bag is a prime example of how the brand manages to transform seemingly mundane, everyday objects into glamorous, fabulous, humorous, and functional works of art.

Judith Leiber evening bags strive to constantly create, disrupt, and push boundaries, offering designs that grab attention and even cause a debate about popular culture.

The French Fries Rainbow bag certainly grabbed the media and audience's attention when worn by Kim Kardashian, who arguably embodies modern pop culture, at the What Goes Around Comes Around 25th Anniversary Auction in 2018.

You can even buy Judith Leiber jewelry to match its iconic handbags. For example, the rainbow French Fries charm or Pillbox Slider could perfectly pair with the iconic French Fries Rainbow handbag.


Judith Leiber has defied typical fashion trends since the 1960s, turning everyday items into stunning, beautifully made works of art that people want to wear.

The impeccably crafted handbags can add pops of color to any look while making a statement, which is why they have become favorites on various red carpets, from the Met Gala to movie premieres.

The Judith Leiber clutch price is on the more exclusive side, but it is instantly synonymous with the brand, elegance, and luxury.

From the iconic Judith Leiber Rose Clutch to the eye-catching Stack of Cash design, each handbag purchased is an investment in fashion history and style.

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