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The Best Wedding Clutches for 2022

From warm summer weddings to unforgettable late nights on the town for a bachelorette party, clutch purses are an ideal accessory to complete wedding outfits, no matter the season. From wedding ceremonies to their subsequent party-filled evenings, the clutch is a beautiful, outfit-defining companion that shouldn’t be underestimated.

A stunning wedding clutch is the head-turning, covert-worthy lust-inducer that will no doubt take your wedding look to the next level. It can be a superb, modern, alternative to a bouquet of flowers, too, especially if you opt for a clutch that shimmers boldly in the moonlight or the rays of a sunny day.

Whether it’s your wedding day or someone else’s, if you need to get your 2022 wedding attire sorted out, it’s worth getting the ball rolling by checking out some of the best wedding clutches around today. 

Crystal-Embellished Envelope Clutch

Nothing makes quite as much of a statement as a crystal embellished clutch. Its beautiful crystal adornments catch the glint of each passing light, drawing the eye and dazzling the passer-by.

If you want to make a statement, it’s worth going the distance and doubling down with a clutch to match your intentions – and what better way to do this than to sport a bejeweled envelope clutch? For that extra wow factor, go for an animal print, too, perhaps one that matches the details on your wedding outfit for the full effect.

Pearl-Studded Clutch

Pearls have long been editorially chosen products purchased by brides and wedding-goers for centuries. They’re a symbol that represents elegance, sophistication, exuberance, wisdom, and of course, high fashion. They look right at home attached to the visage of a clutch purse that you happen to be wielding on your way to a wedding event.

Ultimately, pearl-studded clutches always go the extra mile by standing out from the crowd, no matter which crowd you happen to be standing in. 

Silver Heart-Shaped Clutch

Picture this: Love is in the air, it’s wedding fever all around, everyone you love is gathered together in one place, and there is a world-famous Judith Leiber clutch hanging from your shoulder, and it’s a shining silver heart shape that captures the spirit of the night.

A silver heart-shaped clutch fits the traditional bridal color scheme nicely without being too overt at the same time. It’s a heart, which obviously, is relevant, and it can help you carry the essentials you’ll need for dancing after the ceremony, like lip gloss, perhaps.

It’s a truly dazzling clutch that impresses in countless ways; from its iconic crystal-covered exterior to its gorgeous leather interior, it manages to always impress both inside and out and from top to bottom too.

Sometimes, capturing the theme of the day with the help of a beautiful accessory is the best way to beautify and complete your outfit, and what better way to do this than to get yourself a shining heart clutch? 

Silver Bling Sphere Clutch

Do away with convention and opt to go for a totally different shape of clutch with a silver bling sphere option. Nothing says unique like breaking tradition in the right kind of way.

In its entirety, the Bling Silver Sphere Clutch emanates excellence, ideal for impressing whomever you come across. It would also suit someone nicely who wanted to make a statement with their bridal clutch, especially if the wedding dress had some nice sparkle to it. Conversely, if you don’t have a sparkly dress, you could modernize it with this glittering beauty of a sphere! Your wedding day is special, so your clutch should be too!

Additionally, there always seems to be a large amount of standing around at weddings, so sometimes, you need a clutch that’s easy to sling over your shoulder without sacrificing style and sophistication. A spherical clutch fits nicely in hand, can go over your shoulder with a strap, catches the eye, and stylishly gilds your evening outfit – so in the area of ease of use and convenience coupled with beauty (and many, many others), the silver bling sphere clutch has got you well and truly covered. 

Slim Rectangle Gold Clutch

If you’ve got a wedding coming up and you need to settle on the perfect accessory, it’s only normal to fret slightly over bridal bags. There’s no need to panic, however, not when a slim gold clutch in all its elegant, classy glory has got your wedding woes sorted.

Needless to say, a gold box clutch will bewitch whoever’s looking in your direction – that’s because gold is a true, regal classic, and it makes for an accessory to remember. It’s simple, it’s timeless, and it goes with anything and everything, making it the truly safe (and beautiful!) option for any bride or wedding guest. 

Satin Red Box Clutch

Red might not be traditionally associated with the bride by any means, but who cares about tradition when there’s a satin red box clutch available? Whether you’re the bride or not, this clutch will emanate style and sophistication from every angle imaginable.

It’s a luxury item that truly looks like a luxury item! It wouldn’t be out of place on the arms of the rich and famous, (in fact, it’s often found there) and wouldn’t be out of place on your shoulder or in your hands.

For those of you who would rather indulge in a more overstated look, there are other equally beautiful colors available. Still, there’s a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ about red – the color of ferocity, passion, and courage.

Having the bold red of your clutch offset against a beautiful white wedding dress may be a look to remember, and if you prefer color but you don’t want to ruffle too many feathers by going for a technicolor dress, this could provide the perfect alternative. 

Rainbow Heart Clutch

For those of you yearning for a splash of color on your wedding clutch, why not go for the entire spectrum and indulge yourself in a rainbow heart clutch? The rainbow heart clutch is fun, funky, bold, and bright, perfect for standing out and getting yourself noticed. Plus, it’s a neat combination of practicality and aesthetic wonder, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice too much storage in the name of style.

Inspired by a chocolate box for maximum sweetness, the rainbow heart clutch stands out in all the right ways. It’s also got a detachable chain, so you can hang it off your shoulder if you’d prefer. Sometimes, it’s nice to have the option to hang or hold your clutch, so you can go whichever way the wedding mood takes you.

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