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The Very Best Couture Accessories for the Fashion Enthusiast this Christmas

Christmas is the best time of the year. It is full of holiday parties, and the décor is to die for. What great holiday outfit isn’t complete without the picturesque backdrop? How else can you shine in all the warmth of the season except at a holiday party where you dress to impress?


Fashion is art, but your style is your story and your narrative. If you want to say the right thing, you need every part of your outfit chosen carefully and balanced to perfection. This means, above all else, you know your accessories.


A Judith Leiber clutch has been a staple for First Ladies throughout history and has even taken up the mantle in museums around the world, but the wrong choice in clutch can detract from your outfit.


Whether you are looking for something for your own holiday outfit, or need a great gift for the fashion enthusiast in your life, look no further.


Understand the Woman You Want to Portray


Every outfit tells its own story, and being in complete control of that story is what sets you apart from the fashion faux pas to the fashion icon.

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” -  Miuccia Prada

The best accessory is the final sign off to your outfit– the finishing touch that pulls everything together. It is the details like a Judith Leiber rose clutch that takes that little black dress into an evening gown on par with the most eccentric couture. It is the satin or resin Judith Leiber evening bags that will add an elegant note and ground your artistic outfit.

Accessories should never be underestimated, but the right accessory must first be found by understanding who you are as a woman.


Ask Yourself These Questions


There are three main questions you need to ask yourself, to truly understand who you are stylistically. The final product will need to be tweaked over the years until you find that perfect tone that sets you apart and tells others exactly what they want to know.


1.   What Narrative Do You Want to Say?


A picture tells a thousand words; a great outfit tells a life’s story. From the fun, wild party princess to the elegant lady that is reminiscent to old Hollywood glamor – there is no shortage of roles you can assume. The key to success is to know who you want to be when styling your outfit.


2.   What Are Your Best Features?


Your best features should always be highlighted, but not exposed. If you have a great neck or neckline, then the right necklace can draw the eye exactly where you want them to be. If your best asset is your hourglass figure, then a well-fitted dress and a staple Judith Leiber crystal clutch will draw the eye to your frame.


3.   What Styles, Colors, and Motifs Do You Like?


Your skin tone will dictate which colors wash you out, and which ones highlight your skin and help you shine.


  • Cool colored skin tones often pop with cooler colors like blue
  • Warm colored skin tones radiate in warmer colors, like honey or olive
  • Neutral skin tones need bold colors to shine, like red or white


If your skin tone doesn’t suit your favorite color, don’t fret. You can easily add the color to your outfit through accessorizing. Love red, but have a cooler skin tone? Pair a flattering grey dress with a pop of red lipstick and a stunning red Judith Leiber Couture clutch.


The Very Best Couture Accessories for Christmas


Knowing the woman and knowing their best features is how you can choose the best accessories to help them take center stage at any part throughout the holiday season, but more often than not it is the choice of clutch that will elevate the outfit.


Every woman needs a clutch, and it is, therefore, this item that must be chosen with most care.


For the Statement Queen

The statement queen is the one who wants to be the talk of the town. If the key feature is her clutch, then the best statements for her would be:



Oryou could opt for any of the new Judith Leiber clutch bags or customizable bags for a completely unique and unforgettable accessory. 


For the Classic Rose

For the girl whose style is timeless and elegance is her middle name, then a classic Judith purse is the perfect fit:


The Satin Statement

Satin is an old favorite for the holiday season and can make any outfit look put together and elegant.



The Resin Clutch

For a more modern twist on the clutch, try any of these great Judith Leiber handbags:


  • Faceted Box
  • Tall Rectangular Shell Stripes


A Bit of Glitz and Glam

There are so many great clutches in the collection that offer that touch of glitz and glam without making a full statement.


  • Seamless Ikebana
  • FizzoniStripes Clutch
  • Slim Slide Champagne Clutch


Introduce the Exotic

If you want a bit more of a natural pop to your outfit then look to the exotic side of nature:


  • Serpent Elaphe Clutch
  • SoHo Elaphe
  • Mini Sloane Gold Crocodile Clutch


Tips for Choosing the Right Accessory

Matching accessories is another huge task for any fashionista. How do you pair jewelry to crystal Judith Leiber purses? How can you balance out a statement bag?

The answer is through minimalism.

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off.”– Coco Chanel


Coco Chanel is a style icon to this very day, and while statement bags or one statement piece can help elevate any outfit, you never want to drown them out. If you have a statement clutch from the Judith Leiber collection, then stick to a bare neck and some minimal jewelry in a matching tone. Trying to pull off a loud necklace with a statement clutch will only split onlooker’s attention, and fragment the narrative you want to tell.

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean you cannot be loud in your statements, only that you stick to one statement and let that take center stage.


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