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The Essential Holiday Gift Guide for Fashionistas

With December on the doorstep, it’s only natural that your mind begins to drift toward giving something extraordinary as a gift to someone special. No matter who you’re surprising, Christmas 2018 calls for a one-of-a-kind gift. It calls for something that will truly take their breath away on the big day.

For the someone special who knows their iconic brands like the back of their hand, what could be better this year than their very own Judith Leiber couture? 

Of course, selecting the perfect Judith purse may depend on their sense of style and individuality. Do they favor sleek, chic fashion? Or do they like to be loud and proud, wearing bold colors and as much glitz and glamor as possible?

Our essential holiday gift guide will help you to choose the perfect Judith Leiber clutch which is sure to be their favorite gift to date. 

For the Elegant & Understated Fashionista

Favoring monochrome and warm tones over vibrant shades, the elegant and understated fashionista is one who oozes class and style at every opportunity. Most likely to be seen in casual yet smart workwear, and sophisticated and dazzling occasion wear in the evening, this recipient deserves a Judith Leiber handbag they can use again and again. Step forward Fizzy Crystal Clutch.

Available in an incredible 15 colors, including plum, grey, fuchsia, and capri blue, this is one accessory which will never become outdated. An updated version of the classic Ritz Fizz, it’s crafted from the finest Italian satin and hand covered with delicate crystals. What’s more, it’s ideal to wear with any understated, elegant outfit, from jeans to LBD.

For those with their eyes on the stunning Fizzy Crystal Clutch in lilac, ocean, white, or cobalt, they are available to pre-order now.

For the Quirky & Cool Fashionista

Does your special someone turn to the brightest possible colors in their closet to ensure they make a statement every time they leave the house? Most likely to be seen wearing beautiful mismatching outfits and a variety of patterns, quirky and cool fashionistas wear their personality on their sleeve.  

For a fashionista who loves all things fantasy, there’s nothing more exciting to unwrap that their own iconic clutch. It’s no secret that the iconic Judith Leiber collection features whimsical, endearing novelty clutches, from Rainbow French Fries, as seen on Kim Kardashian, to the statement Cupcake Strawberry, which had a starring role in Sex and the City. Help your fashionista feel like an A-Lister, and choose the Hamburger, which is available to pre-order now. This awe-inspiring bag looks good enough to eat and is a guilt-free way to indulge in an all-American cuisine classic.

Alternatively, perhaps your quirky fashionista is a nature lover and regularly sports the latest animal print outfits. In this case, look no further than the Wildcat Jaguar to take their breath away. Shaped in the image of a stunning jaguar lying down, it’s encrusted in gold crystals to look like it’s ready to pounce. With a removable classic elbow chain, your fashionista will love to rock their brand new exotic clutch at their next event.  

For the Mini Fashionista

You’re never too early to start your very own Judith Leiber collection! If your mini-me is continuously looking in your closet, trying on your outfits, playing with your makeup, this festive season is the perfect time to surprise them with something different.

The ideal first Judith purse for a mini fashionista needs to be both quirky and fun. It needs to be one which grabs their attention and holds it. For this reason, there’s one in particular which stands out from the rest: Unicorn Orania.

This outstanding clutch is hand covered in bright rainbow colored crystals and styled in the shape of a mystical unicorn lying down. It features a removable elbow chain ensuring they feel grown up and sophisticated when they carry it. It is lined with leather inside, which means their essential items will stay safe and protected wherever they go.

However, do bear in mind that this is a gift which keeps on giving. Giving a Judith Leiber crystal clutch as a gift to a mini fashionista is an investment. It’s a gift which they will never say goodbye to. It will grow up with them and become not only a staple in their closet but an incredibly sentimental gift. It’s a bespoke item which they will hold close to their heart for many, many years to come. Who knows, they might even gift their future children with their own Judith Leiber purses too!

For the Versatile Fashionista

Does your fashionista change their style to suit the occasion or event? Perhaps they feel comfortable in their casual jeans during the day, but during the night, they transform into an alluring siren? In this case, they need a purse which can transform with them. It needs to be an accessory which will fit whatever mood they have on the day, be it cool, elegant, daring, or bold.

Whether they prefer dressing up or dressing down, our Seamless Ikebana is the perfect choice for every outfit. It’s inspired by the delicate and stunning art of Japanese flower arranging. It’s a classic clutch which features a variety of colored crystals in a beautiful pattern of blooming flowers. It’s a versatile piece, one which will suit any outfit, and any occasion. This clutch is currently available to pre-order.  

For the Unique & Individual Fashionista

There are certain fashionistas who love to set trends, rather than follow. They strive to be unique in everything they do, and everything they wear. They turn heads wherever they go, just by being themselves. 

Recently launched, our unique customizable collection is the perfect gift to ensure no one else has the exact clutch as your fashionista. Our innovative customizer tool allows you to input their nickname, monogram, or upload a signature to create something completely one-of-a-kind. Personalized accessories are not a new trend, but our customized Judith Leiber clutch bags are a luxurious, unique item your fashionista cannot miss.  

To make sure they definitely stand out, our Horoscope Collection features retro tattoo-inspired artwork and can be personalized with a nickname or monogram. Surprise your Leo lioness, or your wise Virgo this Christmas.   


Final Thoughts

The holidays are coming, and what better way to show someone incredible just how much you love, value and cherish them than with their very own Judith purse. Whatever style they prefer, there’s a Judith for everyone. Don’t forget to treat yourself too!

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