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Judith Leiber Introduces Customizable Bags

Once again paving the way for iconic fashion, Judith Leiber couture has expanded the timeless, sophisticated range to introduce customizable options through their customizer tool. However, this trend is not a new phenomenon; Millennials are more interested in personalized accessories than ever before since Rag & Bone showcased their varsity jackets in Fall 2014.

The Judith Leiber collection now available is a luxury addition to the personalization market– and one which should not be missed on any account. Simply use our easy-to-use customizer tool, and create a bag that’s completely one-of-a-kind. With that in mind, let’s explore the new Judith Leiber handbags and just why you would want a customized bag.   


Why Customize a Bag?


The reasons to choose a customizable bag are plenty. What could the discernible consumer want more than something which is truly theirs? The answer is not much! Being able to carry a piece of your own personality is something which is worth so much more than the price tag alone. It’s a sense of individuality and a touch of elegance which sets every outfit apart from another. It’s also a greater sense of ownership which is alluring to all.

Customize With Your Initials, Name or Age

Customizing a Judith Leiber crystal clutch with your name, initials, or even age places a high sense of ownership onto it. You are telling the world: this is mine. What's more, you’re telling the world loud and proud: this belongs to me.

Carrying a customized purse shows the world who you are, and how proud you are to hold the bag with your name on it. There is no other purse in the world like it, and that is a thrilling realization as a customer orders, receives, and carries the clutch to the next event.       

For Special Occasions

Customizing a bag goes so much further than simply placing your name on a purse. There is no limit (within reason!) to how you can customize the new Judith Leiber purses. For a newlywed, opting to encrust the bag with crystals with your new surname is an extremely attractive prospect. But if you don’t want your surname, why not only“Mrs”? For someone celebrating a milestone birthday, choosing to feature the age is a fun, tongue-in-cheek gift, whether it’s 21, 30, 50, or even older!       

Brand Exposure

For a brand, however, offering customizable bags is another way to target the young generation. There’s no better publicity than providing personalized bags for those stars who will feature them across a vast number of online outlets, from social media to their personal blogs. A social media sensation, such as Kim Kardashian, carrying a customized Judith Leiber gets people talking. This talking translates into higher brand recognition, and it introduces the iconic Judith Leiber brand to new, younger audiences. As the younger, “selfie generation” are searching for unique accessories to show off on social media, customizable bags are the perfect way to make waves on social media platforms. 


The Options Available


Let’s look further at the incredible options on offer.


Judith Leiber’s customizable bags are all designed in the iconic clutch bag style. With our innovative customizer, you can create something which is completely and utterly tailored to you. Starting at the simple but sophisticated slim bespoke clutch, the range introduces the stunning Horoscope clutches which are on special order.

  • Slim Slide Bespoke Clutch: Graceful, classic, and understated, this Judith Leiber clutch is a must-have, regardless of your event or occasion. Available in a variety of alluring colors, including jet black, crystal, aurum, processo, fire, dark indigo, anthracite, and fuschia, you can opt to add block characters, such as your initials. Alternatively, it can feature your signature in a beautiful scroll font, available in contrasting colored crystals to truly make a statement. Our innovative customizer makes both block letters and scroll font look outstanding, whichever you choose.
  • Horoscope Clutches: This exquisite range is inspired by the 12 signs of the zodiac, including Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius. What takes this beautiful collection to the next level is the tattoo-inspired artwork. The design is reminiscent of retro tattoo designs, from a crystal encrusted lion for Leo and entrancing owls for Gemini. Each clutch is hand covered with crystals, with a metallic leather interior to truly add a touch of edge and elegance. These must-have purses can be customized with a name or monogram. It makes them the perfect gift for someone special or for yourself, whatever the occasion.
  • Rainbow & Party Mix Clutches: These two retro clutches are highly sought after, each designed to resemble a cassette tape. Each is carefully crafted with the highest quality crystals to transform the clutch into a true talking point of any outfit. You can customize Rainbow Mix clutch and Party Mix clutch on the A side by adding a name, a favorite band name, or a favorite song. For those born in the 80s, this is a classic clutch they will want to get their hands on!
  • Slim Slide Black Card: This unique, exquisite clutch was designed as part of a collaboration with American pop artist, Ashley Longshore. What sets it apart from other brands is the fun, tongue-in-cheek design. This is one clutch which is sure to attract the attention of Millennials! It is a whimsical design, created to mimic an iconic black credit card, which you can personalize with your very own signature.
  • Slide Lock: Simple and understated, this clutch is the ideal accessory to add a touch of elegance to any occasion. What makes this option so versatile is the variety of colors; jet black, crystal, prosecco, dark indigo, and sleek anthracite. Customize it with a single letter in the crystal color of your choice and wear it with pride to your next red carpet event.
  • Hello My Name Is Clutch: For those who certainly want to make a cheeky statement, this iconic purse will turn the spotlight on whoever carries it. The bespoke design is created to resemble a nametag and it perfectly turns something simple into luxury. What’s more, you can choose from a number of colors before uploading your signature to personalize this stunning addition. Choose from black, fuchsia, sapphire, siam, or dark indigo, with your signature appearing in black crystals (red is available for the black clutch).


Who Has Worn It?


Judith Leiber has a legion of celebrity fans, and some of the most famous names through the 20thCentury have worn beautiful Judith Leiber evening bags at some point. However, while custom-made Judith Leiber purses are favored by stars such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, the new personalized range is only just gathering interest.

One notable star who chose to customize her very own Judith Leiber clutch is the beautiful Blake Lively. This year’s Met Gala had the theme of “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” and while Blake chose a breathtaking red and gold gown, it was the purse she carried which got people talking.

Unfortunately, Blake’s husband, the inspiring and hilarious Ryan Reynolds, did not attend the event with her. Yet she made sure he was there in spirit. Her customized Judith Leiber purse not only perfectly embodied the Gala’s theme, but it also showed her family crest proudly to all who saw it. What’s more, it didn’t only feature Blake and Ryan: also featured in the family crest was the initial of the pair's daughters, James and Ines.

Crafted from luxury crystals, the Reynolds-Lively crest design featured a gold cross with four exquisite jewels, the initials B, J, I, and R at each point, above “Reynolds” displayed in black and gold crystals below. 


Final Thoughts

The future of accessories is customization. Who amongst us wouldn’t want to proudly display our name, family crest, or nickname on a luxury Judith Leiber clutch? With the introduction of the new customizable range, it’s now possible to create a truly unique accessory, crafted with only you in mind. It’s a beautiful addition to any closet, and it will take every outfit to the next level.

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