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Who Has Worn Judith Leiber in 2018?

There’s no denying that Judith Leiber couture is enjoying a resurgence, and for a very good reason. The unique collection is not only a statement accessory for all occasions, but it is also a highly collectible piece of art. Handcrafted with exquisite detail, A-list celebrities are falling more in love with the flawless pieces every week. Once seen on the arms of America’s First Ladies, they are now a truly iconic American accessory for celebrities across the globe. But just who has been seen carrying Judith Leiber clutch bags this year? The list features the most notable and loved A-listers.


Margot Robbie


In February 2018, Australian actress Margot Robbie attended the premiere of her film Peter Rabbit in Los Angeles. While her floral dress was perfectly picked for the spring weather, it was the accessory she chose which truly set her outfit apart from the rest. For the star of a bunny-themed movie, what would be a better purse than a crystal covered rabbit? The gorgeous minaudière bag was crafted in the shape of a rabbit, along with silver crystals. What’s more, it features delicate rose crystals within the ears and bright blue crystals for the eyes.

Robbie’s choice from the Judith Leiber collection perfectly summed up the whimsical film, showing both her playful side and bringing the joy of Judith Leiber evening bags to a broader audience, including children who no doubt now wish for their very own rabbit clutch bag!


Blake Lively


Along with being a talented actress in her own right, Blake Lively has won fans across the globe due to her heart-warming and hilarious relationship with her husband, Ryan Reynolds. When she attended the Met Gala in May 2018 alone, fans were left bereft after missing out on seeing the iconic pair together. However, with the addition of her bespoke Judith Leiber clutch, it turns out Blake did, in fact, bring her husband to the event!

Wearing an incredibly gorgeous outfit, reminiscent of regal gowns and summing up the ‘Heavenly Bodies’ theme in both opulent gold and elegant red, Lively walked the red carpet holding a delicate yet statement handbag. This accessory was handmade especially for her appearance, and it certainly caught the attention of both the waiting paparazzi and the fans eagerly watching at home. What made her clutch bag so unique and special was the fact it was emblazoned with the ‘Reynolds’ family crest. The crest also featured the initials B, R, J and I. These stand for both Blake and Ryan, along with James and Ines, the couple’s two daughters. Lively was undoubtedly making a statement and showing off her family pride to the awaiting world using a Judith Leiber purse to do just that.

This was not the first time Lively has shown her love for the brand, however. In 2015, she chose to carry a unique Judith Leiber crystal clutch to her premiere of The Age of Adaline in the shape of a Koi fish.


Bella Hadid


Cannes Film Festival draws attention from across the globe yearly, when celebrities walk the red carpet, showcasing their finest outfits and accessories. It’s no surprise then that in May this year, beautiful supermodel Bella Hadid was photographed in an exquisite Elie Saab silver dress, pairing it with a simple yet iconic Judith Leiber rectangle clutch.

What made Hadid’s outfit so attention-grabbing was the fact it was sophisticated, elegant, and showstopping, but it was made so by using only the metallic color silver. Her couture dress from the Fall 2007 collection featured a form-fitting halterneck, with a daring low back. She accessorized the outfit perfectly with the sharp, geometric rectangle clutch. As Judith Leiber evening bags go, this is not the most daring, but the simplicity doesn’t detract from the statement style. Less is more, and this mantra certainly worked in Hadid’s favor on the Cannes red carpet.  

Cannes is not the only time in 2018 Bella has chosen Judith. Most recently, she carried a beautiful Chatelaine bag to Harpers Bazaar New York Fashion Week Icons Party.


Lupita Nyong’o


In June 2018, acclaimed actress, Lupita Nyong’o, best known for blockbuster Black Panther, along with 12 Years a Slave (which saw her win Best Supporting Actress), attended the Accessories Council’s Ace Awards in New York. Her appearance saw her not only wow in a summer-themed Carolina Herrera dress in sunshine yellow, but she carried the perfect accessory to both the awards and her outfit: a pineapple-shaped Judith Leiber handbag. While the pineapple clutch itself was ready to transport her to tropical climates, her dress also featured multicolored, cute parrots.

The beautiful minaudière that Lupita chose showcased her playful spirit and impeccable sunshine-ready style. Part of the signature Judith Leiber collection, it’s a whimsical and artful accessory, both stylish and sophisticated, without being overly novelty. It encompasses what makes Judith Leiber couture so famous; luxurious materials combined with unusual, notable shapes.


Kim Kardashian


Not shy of making headlines, in September 2018, Kim Kardashian was photographed celebrating a sale by cult beauty brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills. Wearing an incredible vintage Jeremy Scott trench coat dress, the star accessorized with an iconic gold glitter Judith Leiber clutch and black sunglasses. The outfit itself was a statement. It screamed to the world and the waiting paparazzi that Kardashian is rich, and what’s more, she’s not afraid to wear her money quite literally on her sleeve. However, the addition of the beautifully jeweled Judith Leiber purse was truly a talking point. Crafted from crystal, it’s designed in the infamous ‘swag bag’ style, featuring a large black dollar sign. This isn’t the first time Kim has shown herself a true Judith fan, nor will it be the last.


Kylie Jenner


Following in her big sister’s style footsteps, the youngest of the Kardashian clan was also photographed at the same Anastasia Beverly Hills sale in September 2018 carrying a playful Judith Leiber crystal clutch. Perhaps most renowned for her makeup collection and her lip kits, in particular, it’s no surprise Kylie chose a bright bejeweled lipstick-shaped purse. The handcrafted clutch is adorned in both ruby and gold crystals, creating a unique and fun bag any makeup fanatic will love.

Interestingly, Jenner did reveal in a video tour of her closest in April 2018 that the lipstick purse was a gift from Kim Kardashian, showing that the media mogul is passing down her love of the brand.

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