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Make It Personal: The Judith Leiber Art Of Holiday Gifting

The holidays are coming up and gift shopping is on everyones’ minds. Buying gifts often brings stress which causes lots of us to put it off until the very last minute. This can lead to buying lots of impersonal, but well-meaning gifts (gift cards for everyone) that feel uninspired and run-of-the-mill. Since its inception in 1963, Judith Leiber has been the source for beautiful, one-of-a-kind gifts that defy expectations, delight recipients and dazzle for years to come. When you buy Judith Leiber handbags, you are investing in quality, craftsmanship, and you are giving a lucky person a  treasure that can be used and passed on from generation to generation. Given Judith Leiber’s reputation, it is no surprise that we are offering our expertise on choosing custom luxe gifts for the holidays. 

Our evening handbags are legendary and make the perfect gift for the woman who loves glamour, has a busy social calendar and can appreciate the art and history of the Leiber brand. Since a black handbag is probably in her collection already, go the extra mile and buy her an evening clutch that she might never buy for herself. Keep it timeless and whimsical with a leopard printed bag or striped style. In neutral hues, one of these clutches can be just as timeless as her go-to black style. Also think about her personal style. Is she a fan of pink hues? Treat her to a crystal style in a soft pink or fuchsia. If she tends to stick to a muted color palette, a fire engine red crystal bag or hunter green crocodile clutch is a chic accent piece to a little black dress or white satin jumpsuit.

Monograms give any gift a more personal touch. Whether it’s a nickname, initials or even an inside joke, a few letters make all the difference. Monograms are especially exciting for brides who want to show their off new monikers to the world. Judith Leiber offers many opportunities for monogrammed handbags. Our customizable clutches make it fun and easy to put an original spin on dozens of styles. The slim slide bespoke bag takes our traditional crystal box clutch and allows it to be a canvas for initials or a name or nickname. The new mom would love a sparkling bag featuring her new title of mama and the blushing newlywed will adore her Mrs. bag. The buyer can choose from plenty of font and color options and can even do it completely online. Custom gift giving has never been this easy or indulgent. For the more whimsical minds on your list, there are novelty styles that can be custom made. From the cinema clapper, to the sparkling old school mix tape to the witty hello my name is sticker, bespoke gifting has never been this fun. Our horoscope collection is another way to put a personal spin on your gifts. Your proud Pisces and lovable Leo will love tattoo-inspired bags featuring her sign symbols. On a clear crystal base, these bags stand out with color, design and plenty of personality. 

Our novelty bags also offer a myriad of opportunities to add a personal touch to those special people on your list. Judith Leiber has a devoted following of collectors. Each season they look forward to a new style to add to their bag arsenal. Many of these collections are quite vast and have been passed on from grandmother to mother to granddaughter and reflects generations of eternal style. Choosing a novelty crystal style starts with some simple questions. Who is the woman you are buying for and what are her passions? Maybe she is a romantic who would be thrilled with a sparkling pink heart, golden rose or pastel fairy tale castle. Your bestie who can’t stop taking in rescues, will love our Morris the Cat clutch or Fred the French Bulldog. Our Russian Doll and Kyoto Pagoda were made for the world travelers and your sister with the sweet tooth will appreciate our frosted donut and gumball clutches. There is truly a novelty bag for everyone on your list. 

One can never go wrong by gifting a Judith Leiber evening bag. Stunning, sparkling and one-of-a-kind, they make for an unforgettable holiday. There are so many ways to go above and beyond to make a Judith Leiber clutch more personal. Stop and think about who is on your list, what they love and what will make them truly happy. Happy shopping!

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