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Ten Novelty Themes for Your Halloween Spectacular

Halloween is approaching. It’s the perfect opportunity to go all out with a novelty theme. A theme that will turn heads and make this year completely memorable. You can do so much more than the traditional fanfare. You can dress up to the nines. Or you can host a spectacular party that defies expectations. You can create an event that will stay in the minds of those attending for years.  

There are so many fun party themes to choose from. From 80s Spooktaculars to Great Gatsby affairs. With Judith Leiber Couture, there are so many luxurious ways to dress up and turn heads.

For your Halloween Spectacular that guests will talk about for months, we have put together our top ten novelty themes to inspire you. Find out below which Judith Leiber accessories will look picture perfect for your theme.

Bubble-Gum Madness

Halloween is witches and hauntings, black and gloom. The best way to celebrate the season is to turn it on its head completely. Instead of the traditional color scheme, switch it to pink. Go all out in bubble-gum madness. Take inspiration from Willy Wonka for a fun, bright, and candy-themed Halloween bash.

Great Costume Ideas for Bubble-Gum Madness

A candy inspired Halloween spectacular deserves bright shades and eye-catching designs. Dress up as cotton candy in a sparkly pink dress and matching tutu. Accessorize with a Judith Leiber crystal clutch like the Heart Clutch Pink. Or opt for a novelty item in spirit of the theme like our Gumball Machine Red.

Be abstract with your costume ideas. Wear the spirit of candy in this bright, fun, candy-inspired Gala.

All Fun Food Theme

If you want to have more fun and make your Halloween Spectacular more inclusive for everyone, expand the theme to the full spread. Take inspiration from pop up events like the Museum of Ice Cream or Museum of Happiness. Install fun backgrounds and challenge your guests to dress up as their favorite food in a unique, high-fashion look.

Great Costume Ideas for the All Fun Food Theme

There are so many fun Judith Leiber evening bags and Judith Leiber jewelry to accessorize as your favorite food. To stand out, look like high art, and still get down with the fun food theme, try to hint at the food in question. To dress up as a watermelon, you could opt for a deep pink gown with black beading. Pair it with our very own Watermelon Slice Judith Leiber Clutch.

Go as French fries in a hot red dress and accessorize it with our French Fries Fresh and Hot clutch. Add our French Fries Pendant and French Fries Front Back Earrings. It’s a modern take on a fun theme and still appropriate for any fashionista. With so many exceptional novelty items to choose from, every guest can dress up as their favorite food and rock it for Halloween.

A Diamond Jubilee

The Queen of England might have had her Diamond Jubilee a few years ago now, but you can throw your very own this Halloween. Think ballrooms and crystal, and typical tourist fanfare that came with the Queen’s big bash event. It’s a fun, alternative dress-up party that will encourage all your guests to dress to the nines.

Great Costume Ideas for a Diamond Jubilee

Dress as the diamond you are and shine in your most spectacular getup. Go all out with Diamond Flawless, Diamond Pink, or Diamond Canary Judith Leiber clutch bags. Match your striking accessory with a gown worthy of the theme.

Bling Bling, Baby

Think old school Bling Bling from the Noughties to give your guests plenty of opportunities to shine in the spirit of Halloween. You can wear attire inspired by the 00 fashion stars and accessorize with fun throwback novelty Judith Leiber purses.

Great Costume Ideas for Bling Bling, Baby

Look to the red carpet from a decade’s past and even consider dressing in the spirit of your favorite celebrities. Add flair and fun with a Gold Brick or Stack of Cash Judith purse. Or go for the gangster Bling Bling look with a Chihuahua Mickie, Gold Prick, or Pouch Money Bags. It’ll be fun, it’ll be hilarious, and it’ll be perfect for Halloween.

Bringing it Back to the 80s

Take it back a few decades and rock the 80s fun and flair. This was the time many classic Halloween flicks came out. It's the perfect opportunity to go all out with the theme and bring in more traditional Halloween elements.

Costume Ideas for The 80s Themed Halloween

You can go all out as the 80s female star from any of the great films during that era and bring that look into the present day. Have fun with the Judith Leiber handbags from the Boombox series. Pair your chosen clutch with matching Boombox earrings for a nod to a certain movie classic from that era that will make your Halloween look fun, cute, and era-appropriate.

Art Deco Roaring Twenties

The roaring twenties is another fabulous theme for a Halloween Spectacular. It’s also so much fun to dress up for! Get inspired by the iconic Great Gatsby and the prohibition era parties and have a Halloween that will thrill everyone.

Great Roaring Twenties Costume Ideas

Get your flapper dress out and accessorize it with any of the Jazz Age Judith Leiber purses in our collection. Or dazzle with more paired back designs like the Judith Leiber rose clutch that’s always a hit.

Royal Egyptians

The Pharaohs of millennia past have an aesthetic that is undeniable. It would be perfect to borrow inspiration from for your very own Halloween Spectacular that offers great dress-up opportunities.

Royal Egyptian Costume Ideas

Dress like the Pharaoh you are in traditional garb and put on a stunning Egyptian eye for the party of the year, but don’t forget to accessorize. With a Wildcat Jaguar, an N/S Rectangular Magi, or a Cylinder Peacock Features clutch at your side, you’ll be both modern and traditional.

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